carrabba's menu with prices

Discovering Carrabba’s: Menu With Prices And Candid Reviews

Carrabba’s Italian Grill, or simply Carrabba’s, is a renowned Italian restaurant known for its traditional Italian dishes and seafood. If you’re curious about delectable cuisines and the authentic dining experience at Carrabba’s, below this article, Menu Price Today will introduce you to Carrabba’s menu with prices and some of my Carrabba’s Reviews from my personal experience at this restaurant.

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Carrabba’s menu with prices

Carrabba’s is a chain of restaurants that serves Italian and seafood cuisine. Carrabba’s restaurants are well-known for their traditional Italian dishes such as pasta, pizza, grilled meats, and delicious seafood options.

Below is information about Carrabba’s menu with prices for your reference!

Dinner Menu Prices

Items Price
Small Plates
Meatballs & Ricotta $6.49
Grilled Asparagus With Prosciutto $6.49
Bruschette Scotty Thompson $5.79
Three-Cheese & Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms $6.99


Salads Menu

Items Price
Caesar Salad (Chicken) $15.79
Caesar Salad (Shrimp) $17.79
Johnny Rocco Salad $18.79
Italian Salad (Chicken) $15.79
Italian Salad (Shrimp) $17.79
Side Salads (House) $4.99
Side Salads (Caesar) $4.99
Side Salads (Italian) $4.99


Appetizers Menu

Items Price
Calamari $12.49
Mozzarella Marinara $10.49
Shrimp Scampi $11.49
Calabrian Roasted Wings $12.49
Cozze In Bianco $12.49
Tomato Caprese With Fresh Burrata $10.49
Zucchini Fritte $10.49
Wood Fried Pizzas
Margherita Pizza $13.99
Pepperoni Pizza $14.49
Chicken Bryan Pizza $14.99
Carnevale Pizza $14.79
Chicken Bryan $20.49
Chicken Marsala $20.49
Chicken Parmesan $18.49
Tuscan-Grilled Chicken $16.79
Pollo Rosa Maria $20.79
Parmesan Chicken Arugula $18.49
Eggplant Parmesan $16.49
Veal Marsala $22.99



Items Price
Sautéed Broccoli $3.99
Garlic Mashed Potatoes $3.99
Penne Pomodoro $3.99
Garlic & Rosemary Fries $4.99
Sautéed Spinach $4.99
Grilled Asparagus $6.49
Fettuccine Alfredo $6.49



Items Size Price
Mama Mandola’s Sicilian Chicken Soup cup $4.99
Mama Mandola’s Sicilian Chicken Soup bowl $6.99
Minestrone cup $4.99
Minestrone bowl $6.99
Sausage & Lentil cup $4.99
Sausage & Lentil bowl $6.99



Items Size Price
Linguine Pescatore $20.99
Fettuccine Carrabba $18.29
Lasagne $16.99
Linguine Positano(and basil) $12.99
Linguine Positano(Chicken) $15.99
Linguine Positano(Shrimp) $17.99
Fettuccine Weesie $19.99
Rigatoni Campagnolo $17.99
Lobster Ravioli $20.79
Mezzaluna $17.49
Spaghetti(Pomodoro sauce) $13.99
Spaghetti(Bolognese meat sauce
or Meatballs )
Steaks & Chops
Tuscan-Grilled Sirloin 6oz $17.29
Tuscan-Grilled Sirloin 9oz $20.69
Tuscan-Grilled Ribeye $26.79
Tuscan-Grilled Pork Chop One Chop $17.29
Tuscan-Grilled Pork Chop Two Chops $20.7



Items Price
Spicy Sicilian Butter $3.80
Garlic Aioli $3.80
Marsala Sauce $3.80
Bryan Topping $3.80
Scampi Topping $3.80


Seafood Menu

Items Price
Tomato Basil Salmon $21.99
Spiedino Di Mare $22.29
Tilapia Bellimbusto $17.99
Mahi Wulfe $22.29
Simply Grilled Mahi $19.29
The Johnny $24.49
Carrabba’s Italian Classics $22.29
Chicken Trio $25.29



Items Size Price
Riondo 6oz $9.29
Riondo 9oz
Riondo bottle $37.00
Seven Daughters 6oz $9.59
Seven Daughters 9oz $13.99
Seven Daughters bottle $37.00
Saint M 6oz $9.99
Saint M 9oz $14.79
Saint M bottle $39.00


Italian Whites

Items Size Price
Bonizio Bianco by Cecchi 6oz $7.49
Bonizio Bianco by Cecchi 9oz $10.99
Bonizio Bianco by Cecchi bottle
Coppola Rosso & Bianco 6oz $7.99
Coppola Rosso & Bianco 9oz $11.99
Coppola Rosso & Bianco bottle $32.00


Sauvignon Blanc

Items Size Price
Coppola 6oz $9.99
Coppola 9oz $15.59
Coppola bottle $41.00
Villa Maria 6oz $10.99
Villa Maria 9oz $15.79
Villa Maria bottle $41.00



Items Size Price
Tormaresca 6oz $9.59
Tormaresca 9oz $14.19
Tormaresca bottle $39.00
Kendall-Jackson 6oz $10.99
Kendall-Jackson 9oz $15.79
Kendall-Jackson bottle $41.00
Antica bottle $63.00



Items Size Price
Mezzacorona 6oz $8.29
Mezzacorona 9oz $12.19
Mezzacorona bottle $35.00
Martini & Rossi Sparkling 6oz $8.79
Martini & Rossi Sparkling bottle $35.00


Pinot Noir

Items Size Price
Coppola Votre Santé 6oz $8.29
Coppola Votre Santé 9oz $12.19
Coppola Votre Santé bottle $35.00
Elouan 6oz $12.69
Elouan 9oz $18.59
Elouan bottle $49.00


Interesting Reds

Items Size Price
Apothic 6oz $9.59
Apothic 9oz $14.19
Apothic bottle $39.00
Aruma 6oz $11.19
Aruma 9oz $16.69
Aruma bottle $47.00
Stags’ Leap Winery bottle $63.00



Items Size Price
Bogle 6oz $7.69
Bogle 9oz $11.49
Bogle bottle $33.00
Decoy by Duckhorn 6oz $10.99
Decoy by Duckhorn 9oz $15.79
Decoy by Duckhorn bottle $41.00


Italian Reds

Items Size Price
Bonizio Rosso by Cecchi 6oz $7.49
Bonizio Rosso by Cecchi 9oz $10.99
Gabbiano 6oz $9.29
Gabbiano 9oz $13.69
Gabbiano bottle $37.00
Ducarosso 6oz $10.19
Ducarosso 9oz $14.79
Ducarosso bottle $43.00
Allegrini 6oz $10.19
Allegrini 9oz $14.79
Allegrini bottle $43.00
Pian di Nova 6oz $12.69
Pian di Nova 9oz $18.79
Pian di Nova bottle $49.00
Guado al Tasso bottle $55.00
Marchesi di Barolo bottle $73.00
Gaja Ca’ Marcanda Promis bottle $75.00


Cabernet Sauvignon

Items Size Price
Beringer Founders’ Estate 6oz $7.69
Beringer Founders’ Estate 9oz $11.49
Beringer Founders’ Estate bottle $33.00
Dark Horse 6oz $9.59
Dark Horse 9oz $14.49
Dark Horse bottle $39.00
Josh Cellars 6oz $10.59
Josh Cellars 9oz $15.59
Josh Cellars bottle $41.00
J. Lohr ” Seven Oaks” 6oz $10.99
J. Lohr ” Seven Oaks” 9oz $15.79
J. Lohr ” Seven Oaks” bottle $41.00
Joel Gott “815” 6oz $11.49
Joel Gott “815” 9oz $16.99
Joel Gott “815” bottle $47.00
Sequoia Grove bottle $71.00



Items Size Price
Blackberry 6oz $8.59
Blackberry 9oz $12.59
Blackberry pitcher $34.00
Peach 6oz $8.59
Peach 9oz $12.59
Peach pitcher $34.00
Classic Red 6oz $8.59
Classic Red 6oz $12.59
Classic Red pitcher $34.00


Lunch Specials

Items Price
Endless Soup & Salad $7.99
Lunch Trio $9.99
Italian Sandwich Combo $11.99


Kids Menu

Items Price
Grilled Chicken Breast $7.99
Chicken Fingers $7.99
Penne Mac & Cheese $6.99
Spaghetti and Meatball $7.99
Grilled Cheese $7.49
Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza $6.99
Cheese Ravioli $7.99
Bambini Sundae $3.99


Specials Menu

Items Price
Peppermint Frost Martini $8.99
Winterberry Kiss $7.99
Peppermint Hot Chocolate $3.99
Added h Baileys Irish Cream $3.00 Extra
Grouper Capperi $23.29
Rigatoni Al Forno $14.49
Rigatoni Al Forno(Chicken) $17.49
Rigatoni Al Forno(Sausage) $17.49
Classics Combination $13.49
Cinnamon Apple Crostata $9.49
Short Rib Marsala $26.49


Carrabba’s near me, locations

Carrabba’s Italian Grill boasts around 220 restaurants scattered across the United States. Among these, Florida contributes a notable 69 restaurants, making up approximately 31% of Carrabba’s total establishments in the US. Following closely is Texas with 14 outlets and Virginia with 13.

Below are the addresses of some Carrabba’s Italian Grill restaurants in the United States. To find the nearest location to you, simply visit the Carrabba’s Italian Grill website, use their locator feature, and search for the closest restaurant.

  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill Lancaster: 100 North Pointe Blvd, Lancaster, PA, 17601
  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill Milwaukee: 4765 S 76th Street, Milwaukee, WI, 53220
  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill Lutz: 25298 Sierra Center Blvd, Lutz, FL, 33559
  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill Mobile: 3917 Airport Blvd, Mobile, AL, 36608
  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill Birmingham: 4503 Riverview Pkwy, Birmingham, AL, 35242
  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill Huntsville: 2801 S Memorial Pkwy, Huntsville, AL, 35801
  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill Glendale: 5646 West Bell Road, Glendale, AZ, 85308
  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill Chandler: 1060 North 54th Street, Chandler, AZ, 85226
  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill Surprise: 14043 W Bell Road, Surprise, AZ, 85374
  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill Riverview: 13025 S Us-301 Suite 104, Riverview, FL, 33578

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that there are certain states without any presence of Carrabba’s Italian Grill restaurants:

  • Idaho
  • Puerto Rico
  • Hawaii
  • Alaska
  • Massachusetts
  • South Dakota
  • Arkansas
  • Vermont
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • West Virginia
  • District of Columbia
  • Wyoming
  • American Samoa
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Guam
  • Maine
  • California
  • New Mexico
  • Montana
  • Delaware
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • North Dakota
  • Connecticut
  • Minnesota

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Carrabba’s reviews

Carrabba’s is a chain of restaurants that serves Italian and seafood dishes. Carrabba’s is renowned for its traditional Italian dishes such as pasta, pizza, grilled meats, and delicious seafood options. The dishes at Carrabba’s are often prepared using fresh ingredients and the distinctive flavors of Italian cuisine, creating a diverse and enticing culinary experience. The restaurant is also well-known for its comfortable ambiance, professional service, and cozy atmosphere, making it suitable for family dinners, gatherings with friends, or special occasions.

My dining experience

Recently, I had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful evening at Carrabba’s Italian Grill, and I can’t help but share my initial impressions about this venue. As someone who is easy-going and relatively simple, this was a pretty satisfying dinner that didn’t disappoint me.

The highlight of this experience truly lies in the food at Carrabba’s. The menu is diverse, offering a range of enticing choices from aromatic pasta and flavorful pizzas to delectable grilled meats and fresh seafood.

Spaghetti is a dish I’m quite familiar with, so I decided to skip it this time. Even though the spaghetti here has received mixed reviews about its quality—such as being too dry, lacking sauce, or having minimal meat—I chose to steer clear of it as I was already tired of spaghetti. If you’ve ever tried the spaghetti at the restaurant, feel free to share your thoughts!

I decided to kickstart the evening by trying one of Carrabba’s most popular appetizers: Calamari. The crispy outer coating, combined with the succulent squid inside, created a harmonious blend of flavors and textures. The standout feature was the delicious Marinara sauce that accompanied it, adding an interesting twist when paired with the squid.

Next, I opted for a main course from the menu, and my choice was the Chicken Bryan. The grilled chicken, marinated with natural herbs, and topped with goat cheese, offered a delightful aroma. The combination of fragrant herbs and creamy cheese created a delicious dish, harmonizing sweet, savory, and rich flavors.

carrabba's menu with prices

To conclude the meal, I indulged in a Tiramisu dessert. The delicate sponge cake, luscious mascarpone cream, and aromatic coffee melded together to create an exquisite dessert, satisfying both the sweet tooth and senses with its delectable aroma.”

carrabba's menu with prices

Ambiance and quality of service

Beyond the food, the ambiance of Carrabba’s is also noteworthy. The cozy decor with comfortable seating gives off a feeling of being in an actual home. I found myself more relaxed and able to enjoy the meal without feeling crowded by the crowd.

Another notable aspect at Carrabba’s is the professional and friendly service. The staff not only takes care of you attentively but also readily offers advice and addresses any questions you may have. They truly made me feel welcomed and valued.

carrabba's menu with prices
Ambiance and quality of service

Aspects i haven’t been satisfied with

I’ve noticed that the food at Carrabba’s can be a bit pricey compared to some other restaurants. This might make some individuals hesitate to choose this restaurant for regular occasions.

Similar to other popular Italian restaurants, Carrabba’s can also have long wait times during evenings or weekends, especially when the restaurant is crowded. This can be challenging for those who dislike waiting. I can tolerate waiting, but the food brought to the table should be warm or hot. I dislike eating cold dishes, especially when it comes to seafood.

At times, you might encounter some less enjoyable experiences at Carrabba’s. Some locations might provide a better experience than others, leading to inconsistencies in the quality of service and food. Consider trying a different location; who knows, you might come across an exceptional experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Carrabba’s

Does Carrabba’s use fresh ingredients?

Yes, Carrabba’s is known for using fresh ingredients in their dishes to create authentic and flavorful Italian cuisine. Their commitment to using high-quality and fresh ingredients contributes to the deliciousness of their dishes.

Who owns Carrabba’s original?

The original founders of Carrabba’s are two brothers, John Charles “Johnny” Carrabba III and Damian Mandola. They started the Carrabba’s Italian Grill restaurant business in Houston, Texas, in 1986.

Does Carrabba’s give complimentary bread?

Yes, Carrabba’s is known for offering complimentary bread to diners. This practice is quite common in many Italian restaurants, and Carrabba’s is no exception. They typically serve warm and freshly baked bread along with olive oil and herbs for dipping as a welcoming gesture to their guests.

Does Carrabba’s make their pasta fresh?

Yes, Carrabba’s makes their pasta fresh in-house instead of using dried pasta. This approach enhances the flavor and texture of the dishes, as fresh pasta has a superior ability to absorb sauces compared to dried pasta.

Does Carrabba’s use real olive oil?

Yes, Carrabba’s uses real olive oil in their dishes. Olive oil is a common ingredient in Italian cuisine, and it’s likely used in various preparations at Carrabba’s to enhance the flavors of their dishes. However, specific details about the types and origins of olive oil used may vary based on the restaurant’s practices and menu offerings.

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Menu Price Today has provided you with information about the menu and prices at Carrabba’s, along with sincere reviews from Menu Price Today. If you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate to come and experience it for yourself. If you’re concerned about quality, choose highly-rated locations to have the best culinary experience.