dave and busters menu prices

[New Update] Dave & Busters 2023 Menu Prices & Review of the Most Impressive US Entertainment Center

If you’re seeking an entertainment destination that not only offers exciting games and comfortable space but also serves delicious food and drinks, then Dave and Buster’s is a must-visit. Below, Menu Price Today will provide you with updates on Dave and Busters menu prices and some information about this renowned entertainment venue. Don’t miss out!

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Dave and Busters menu prices 2023

“Dave and Busters” is an entertainment restaurant chain in the United States. This establishment seamlessly blends culinary flair with interactive games and recreational activities, crafting a diverse entertainment environment. The menu at Dave and Busters encompasses a range of delectable dishes, spanning from appetizers to main courses, alongside an array of beverages, particularly featuring a variety of cocktails.

Below is the menu information with prices for Dave and Busters.

Moreover, for precise pricing details, you can visit the Dave and Busters website or utilize food delivery apps or directly call the restaurant hotline to get the most accurate prices.

dave and busters menu prices
Dave and Busters menu prices 2023

Most popular menu with prices

Grande Cantina Nachos $ 14.50
Original Wings $ 13.75
Strawberry Shortcake $ 9.95
Fire-Grilled Atlantic Salmon $ 17.95
Boneless Wings $ 11.95
All American Cheeseburger $ 12.50
Crispy Chicken Cobb Salad $ 14.50
Big Daddy Chocolate Cake $ 10.95
Parmesan Chicken $15.95
Grilled Steak Salad $ 17.50


Picked for you Menu With Prices

Original Wings $ 13.75
Strawberry Shortcake $ 9.95
All American Cheeseburger $ 12.50
Grande Cantina Nachos $ 14.50
Big Daddy Chocolate Cake $ 10.95


Appetizers menu with prices

Grande Cantina Nachos $ 14.50
Pretzel Dogs $ 12.25
XXL Bavarian Pretzel $ 13.95
Double Pepperoni Flatbread $ 12.25
Garlic Parmesan Truffle Fries $ 10.95
Creole Shrimp Dip $ 11.95
BBQ Chicken Flatbread $ 14.50
Korean Sticky Ribs $ 13.95
XXL Garlic Parmesan Truffle Fries $ 10.95


Wings & strips menu with prices

Boneless Wings $ 11.95
Original Wings $ 13.75


Salads & bowls menu with prices

Crispy Chicken Cobb Salad $ 14.50
Grilled Steak Salad $ 17.50
Chimichurri Bowl $ 12.95


Burgers & handhelds menu with prices

All American Cheeseburger $ 12.50
Chicken Avocado Club $ 13.50
Crispy Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich $ 12.95
Buster’s Bacon Burger $ 15.50
Mushroom Stout Burger $ 13.95


Entrees menu with prices

Smokehouse BBQ Ribs $ 17.95
Fire-Grilled Atlantic Salmon $ 17.95
Parmesan Chicken $ 15.95
Voodoo Pasta $ 14.95
Crispy Chicken Strips $ 12.50
Manchego Chicken $ 18.50
Fish & Chips $ 16.50


Sides menu with prices

Garlic Mashed Potatoes $ 3.95
French Fries $ 3.95
House Salad $ 4.95
Jasmine Rice $ 2.95
Caesar Salad $ 4.95


Desserts menu with prices

Big Daddy Chocolate Cake $ 10.95
Strawberry Shortcake $ 9.95
Stuffed Cinnamon Sugar Churros $ 9.95


Fountain drinks menu with prices

Coke $ 3.65
Diet Coke $ 3.65
Sprite $ 3.65
Fanta Orange $ 3.65


Kids menu menu with prices

Kid’s Crispy Chicken Bites $ 7.95
Kids Mac n Cheese $ 5.95
Kid’s Pizza $ 7.95
Kids Cheeseburger $ 7.95


Dave and Busters near me, location

Dave and Busters currently operates approximately 152 locations across the United States. Among these, California boasts the highest number of outlets with around 20 stores. Following closely is Texas with 14 locations and New York with 13 outlets.

Here are the addresses of some Dave and Busters locations in the U.S. To find out which Dave and Busters location is near you, please visit the Dave and Busters website, use the location services, and search accordingly.

  • Dave & Buster’s Modesto: 3401 Dale Road 108, Modesto, CA, 95356
  • Dave & Buster’s Greenwood: 1251 Us Hwy 31n Suite F01b, Greenwood, IN, 46142
  • Dave & Buster’s Rochester: 15 Miracle Mile Dr, Rochester, NY, 14623
  • Dave & Buster’s Lubbock: 2620 W Loop 289, Lubbock, TX, 79407
  • Dave & Buster’s Anchorage : 800 East Dimond Blvd Suite 240, Anchorage, AK, 99515
  • Dave & Buster’s Huntsville: 950 Makers Way Nw, Huntsville, AL, 35806
  • Dave & Buster’s Birmingham: 2700 Riverchase Galleria Ste 110, Birmingham, AL, 35244
  • Dave & Buster’s Rogers: 2203 Promenade Blvd Suite 6000, Rogers, AR, 72758
  • Dave & Buster’s Little Rock: 10900 Bass Pro Parkway, Little Rock, AR, 72210
  • Dave & Buster’s Lynnwood: 18606 Alderwood Mall Pkwy, Lynnwood, WA, 98037
  • …..

The following is a list of states and territories where Dave and Busters has no presence:

  • Vermont
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • West Virginia
  • District of Columbia
  • Wyoming
  • American Samoa
  • Guam
  • Maine
  • Montana
  • Delaware
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • North Dakota

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Dave and Busters reviews

Dave and Buster’s has evolved beyond being a mere restaurant and bar – it has become a unique entertainment destination that combines delectable cuisine, enjoyable games, and an impressive entertainment center. With over 40 years of experience, Dave and Buster’s has drawn millions of visitors with its distinctive fusion of exceptional food and diverse entertainment.

Exquisite culinary experience

Dave and Buster’s is not just a place to satisfy your taste buds, but also a haven for exceptional culinary delights. Their diverse menu features mouthwatering dishes from every corner of the world.

The irresistibly crispy fried chicken wings here boast a tantalizing outer layer, tender and succulent meat inside, and an infusion of unique spices. Going beyond just such delectable dishes, Dave and Buster’s also offers scrumptious burgers with a special touch of pumpkin seeds and caramelized onions, creating a mouthwatering and enticing blend.

dave and busters menu prices
Traditional fast food

Notably, the seafood selection is rich and inviting. The seafood pasta with succulent shrimp, chewy calamari, and a hint of salmon flavor is sure to please even the most discerning palates. For meat enthusiasts, the steaks are prepared with meticulous attention to detail, featuring the rich aroma of signature sauces and the savory tenderness of the meat.

Beyond food, Dave and Buster’s presents a world of diverse beverages. From exquisitely crafted cocktails showcasing the creativity of the bartenders, to premium craft beers, you can find the perfect indulgence after every meal.

Has anyone ever visited Dave and Buster’s just for the food?

dave and busters menu prices
Warm dishes to warm your stomach

The lively world of games

One of the distinct and exceptional features of Dave and Buster’s is its game zone. With over 100 diverse games, ranging from classic arcade games to modern challenging ones, it’s a place where both adults and children can enjoy fantastic moments of entertainment.

You’ll have the chance to showcase your skillful driving abilities through virtual racing. The sensation of navigating the race track, the tactile feedback of the steering wheel, and the immersive surround sound will provide you with an authentic racing experience.

If you relish challenges and concentration, precise target-shooting games will be a suitable choice. With changing target positions, varying difficulty levels, and increasing complexity, you’ll need to focus and display your marksmanship skills to achieve high scores.

Dave and Buster’s doesn’t stop at traditional games; they also bring excitement with games like Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. You can showcase your musical talent by playing along to familiar tunes and experience the joy of rhythmic gameplay.

dave and busters menu prices
Various games

Unique rewards system and special events

A distinctive feature of Dave and Buster’s is the rewards and points system through playing games. Customers can accumulate points by participating in games, which can then be used to redeem attractive rewards like toys, souvenirs, or even bigger prizes such as cameras or electronic devices. This system encourages participation, adds an element of competition, and keeps the excitement alive.

Dave and Buster’s frequently hosts special events like game nights, karaoke nights, or electronic sports tournaments. These events foster interaction among customers, promote socializing, and create memorable experiences. Notably, e-sports tournaments attract sports enthusiasts and gamers alike, forming a diverse and vibrant environment.

This experience isn’t exclusive to children and teenagers; Dave and Buster’s is also appealing to adults who love entertainment. Games like billiards, basketball, and pool cater to the preferences of adults. This creates a family-friendly environment and offers an opportunity for the entire family to enjoy quality time together.

By integrating digital games and social interaction, Dave and Buster’s enables customers to share achievements, make friends, and even participate in online competitions. This fosters an engaging social environment, stimulating interaction among customers.

dave and busters menu prices
Suitable for many ages

Relaxing and comfortable space

With its comfortable and modern interior design, Dave and Buster’s establishes a friendly and appealing atmosphere. The spacious area is divided into distinct zones, each serving a specific purpose. From cozy family dining spaces to relaxing lounge areas with comfortable sofas, you can find a suitable spot to unwind after a busy day.

This space also demonstrates attention to detail. Lighting and music are tailored to complement each dining or entertainment activity. The warm and welcoming environment, coupled with ample natural light, encourages people to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Furthermore, the layout is designed for convenient engagement in fun games. You can easily navigate between zones and participate in your favorite games without having to travel far.

dave and busters menu prices
Comfortable space

Some questions about Dave and Busters

Can i bring my own cake to Dave and Busters?

You can bring a cake to Dave and Busters. The condition is that the cake must be store-bought and not ice cream or an ice cream cake.

Is David Busters appropriate for kids?

Yes, Dave & Buster’s can be appropriate for kids, depending on their age and preferences. Dave & Buster’s is a family-friendly entertainment venue that offers a combination of dining and arcade-style games. They have a wide range of games suitable for different age groups, including classic arcade games, modern video games, and interactive attractions.

For younger kids, there are often simpler games that are easy to play and enjoy. These games can provide entertainment and fun experiences. However, it’s important for parents to supervise their children and make sure the games they play are age-appropriate.

For older kids and teenagers, Dave & Buster’s can offer a more engaging and interactive experience. The variety of games available ensures that there’s something for everyone, from racing games and shooting games to skill-based challenges.

Additionally, Dave & Buster’s often provides birthday party packages for kids, making it a popular choice for celebrating special occasions.

It’s a good idea to check the specific offerings and games available at your local Dave & Buster’s location to determine if it aligns with your kids’ interests and age range.

Is Dave and Buster’s always half price on wednesdays?

Yes, Dave and Buster’s still offers the ½ price discount on game play, available all day on Wednesdays.

Additionally, Dave and Buster’s provides fixed promotional packages such as:

  • $5 HAPPY HOUR & LATE NIGHT HAPPY HOUR – you can enjoy delicious drinks for $5 along with tasty late-night bites.
  • SAVE 20% WHEN YOU BOOK YOUR PARTY EARLY! You’ll save 20% on your bill when you book your party in advance at Dave and Buster’s. Each guest will receive a fantastic gift, possibly even $100 in game play.

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Above is the information about Dave and Busters latest menu prices in 2023 along with some reviews from Menu Price Today. We hope the article is helpful to you!