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[UPDATE] Doughnut Hole Menu With Prices & Reviews – A Famous Bakery In Asheville

Doughnut Hole is a famous bakery in Asheville, NC, highly appreciated by many customers for the quality of its food. Below, Menu Price Today will provide you with information about Doughnut Hole menu with prices and some reviews about Doughnut Hole.

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Doughnut Hole Menu with Prices

The Doughnut Hole is a popular bakery and cafe chain primarily located in Florida, USA. They are well-known for their delicious doughnuts and breakfast items. They offer a wide variety of doughnut flavors, including classics like glazed and chocolate, as well as more unique options like key lime and red velvet. In addition to doughnuts, they often serve breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and other baked goods.

Here is the Doughnut Hole menu with prices below, but it may not be accurate at some times. For the most up-to-date and accurate Doughnut Hole menu with prices, you can visit their website directly, their official channels, or contact them directly via phone.


Vanilla Glazed $2.75
Toasted Almond Sesame Cinnamon $2.75
Cinnamon Sugar $2.75
Weekly Seasonal Flavor $2.75
1/2 dozen (7 doughnuts of any flavor(s) $15.00
Dozen (13 doughnuts, any flavor(s) $30.00



Coffee from PennyCup Coffee Co. 12 oz hot coffee $2.00

16 oz hot coffee $2.25

12 oz nitro $4.25

Asheville Tea Company

Select Black, Green or Herbal

16 oz: $2.50
Farm to Home Milk

(organic, non-homogenized, grass-fed and whole fat)

12 oz: $2.00
Organic, ultra low-pasteurized orange juice 12 oz: $2.50


Doughnut Hole Near Me, Locations

Doughnut Hole is located at 168 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC 28806. They also have a small food truck next to our New Orleans style shotgun-house shop.

Doughnut Hole Website, Hours

Donut Hole is closed Monday and Tuesday, open the rest of the week and is open from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Other contact information:

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Doughnut Hole Reviews

If you’re a food lover, especially a fan of sweet treats, then Doughnut Hole is undoubtedly a must-visit stop in Asheville, NC. It’s renowned for its delightful, flavorful doughnuts made to order from a unique yeast dough recipe.

What sets Doughnut Hole apart is their commitment to using high-quality organic ingredients in the doughnut-making process. From organic stone-ground flour from Lindley Mills to unrefined organic cane sugar, sea salt, and pure butter, every element is carefully selected to craft these exceptional doughnuts. This not only ensures fantastic flavor but also provides peace of mind regarding the product’s quality.

doughnut hole menu
The cake is fermented using a special recipe

Furthermore, Doughnut Hole prepares your doughnut order right when you place it. This is an excellent experience, ensuring you enjoy a fresh, hot doughnut fried in non-GMO rice bran oil. The entire doughnut-making process unfolds before your eyes in the restaurant’s open kitchen. When you see the doughnut coming out moist, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside, you’ll know you’re about to savor a unique and memorable experience.

doughnut hole menu
Special donuts

The store also serves coffee, you can enjoy delicious donuts with a hot cup of coffee, creating a refreshing breakfast or afternoon. Immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of Donut Hole, where you can forget your worries and let yourself drift into the world of unique hand-glazed donuts.

Donut Hole is not only a place to satisfy the taste buds but also a memory journey to childhood. Every bite of a donut takes you back to the best memories of childhood, where joy was truly simple and beautiful.

doughnut hole menu
Various types of donuts

If you are a food lover and are looking for a unique, flavorful dining experience in Asheville, Doughnut Hole is definitely the ideal destination. Let the unique flavors of donuts at Donut Hole tell you an interesting story about the sweet world.

doughnut hole menu
They also serve coffee

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Above is information about Doughnut Hole menu with prices and some reviews of Menu Price Today about Doughnut Hole. Hope the article is useful to you!