Farmer Boys Menu With Prices [Updated]

Farmer Boys Menu And Prices [2022 Updated]


Hello Guys, welcome to If you are searching for Farmer Boys menu And prices then So you have landed on the right website. In this article, you will get the latest list of Farmer Boys Menu Prices.

I have explained the entire Farmer Boys Menu below in the article, but keep in mind that the data might be a little varied from location to location across the United States. Nevertheless, you can visit the official site for confirmation.

Below is the latest Farmer Boys menu price that you can check out when ordering your food:

Farmer Boys US Menu Prices


Salads & Wraps

Southwest Chicken Salad $10.8
Farmer’s Chopped Cobb Salad™ $10.8
Southwest Chicken Salad $10.8
BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad $10.8
Charbroiled Chicken Salad $10.8
Farmer’s Chopped Cobb Wrap™ Combo $15.7
Farmer’s Chopped Cobb Wrap™ $10.2
Southwest Chicken Wrap Combo $15.7
Southwest Chicken Wrap $10.2
BBQ Chicken Ranch Wrap Combo $15.7
Side Salad $4.4
BBQ Chicken Ranch Wrap $10.2

Award-Winning Burgers

Farmer’s Burger® $9.6
Farmer’s Burger® Combo $15.1
Big Cheese® $6
Big Cheese® Combo $11.5
Bacon Boy® $9
Bacon Boy® Combo $14.5
Double Big Cheese® $8.4
Double Big Cheese® Combo $13.9
1/3 lb Natural® Avocado Bacon Cheeseburger $9.6
1/3 lb Natural® Avocado Bacon Cheeseburger Combo $15.1
1/3 lb Natural® Cheeseburger $8.4
1/3 lb Natural® Cheeseburger Combo $13.9
Barn Burner® $7.2
Barn Burner® Combo $12.7
Veggie Burger $8.4
Veggie Burger Combo $13.9

Farm Fresh Breakfast

Breakfast Burrito $9.6
2-Egg Breakfast Sandwich $6
3-Egg Breakfast $10.8
Hot Cakes Platter $9
French Toast Platter $10.2
Denver Omelet $10.8
4 Hot Cakes $7.8
3 French Toast Slices $9
California Omelet $10.8
Ham and Cheese Omelet $10.8
Farmer’s Omelet $10.8

Sandwiches & More

Loaded Classic Fried Chicken Sandwich $8.39
Loaded Classic Fried Chicken Sandwich Combo $12.79
Loaded Fiery Fried Chicken Sandwich $8.39
Loaded Fiery Fried Chicken Sandwich Combo $12.79
Fiery Fried Chicken Sandwich Combo $13.9
Fiery Fried Chicken Sandwich $8.4
Classic Fried Chicken Sandwich Combo $13.9
Classic Fried Chicken Sandwich $8.4
Sourdough Chicken Avocado Sandwich Combo $15.1
Sourdough Chicken Avocado Sandwich $9.6
Bacon Turkey Melt Combo $14.5
Bacon Turkey Melt $9
California BLT Combo $13.9
California BLT $8.4
Pastrami Sandwich Combo $16.9
Pastrami Sandwich $11.4
Farmer’s Club Sandwich ™ Combo $15.1
Farmer’s Club Sandwich ™ $9.6
Patty Melt Combo $13.9
Patty Melt $8.4
Charbroiled Chicken Sandwich Combo $14.5
Charbroiled Chicken Sandwich $9
4 pc Chicken Strips Combo $13.4
4 pc Chicken Strips $7.9
Charbroiled Chicken Club Combo $15.1
Charbroiled Chicken Club $9.6
3 pc Fish & Fries $10.8
4 pc Fish Platter $15
Boston Clam Chowder $4.19

Kid’s Meals

Kid’s Meal Cheeseburger $7
Kid’s Meal 2pc Chicken Strips $7

Real Ice Cream Shakes

Chocolate Shake $6
Strawberry Shake $6
Vanilla Shake $6
Cookies & Cream Shake $6


Always Crispy Fries® $3.1
4pc Zucchini Sticks $6
Chili Cheese Fries $7.2
Side Salad $4.4
4pc Colossal Onion Rings™ $6
Fresh Fruit Bowl $4.4


Fountain Drinks $3
Hot Coffee $2.7
Aquafina® Bottled Water $2.9
Bottled Gatorade® – Lemon Lime $3.1
Bottled Gatorade® – Fruit Punch $3.1
Fresh Orange Juice $4.8
Alta Dena® 2% Milk $2.9
Vanilla Cold Brew $3.1

No Brainer Deals

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Muffin $3.6
Mini Cakes Skillet $4.8
Jr. Cheeseburger $3.6
Crispy French Toast Dippers $3.6
Parm-Crusted Grilled Cheese $4.8
Fried Chicken Dippers $3.9
All-Beef Chili $5.1
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FAQ’s For Farmer Boys Menu Prices

Farmer Boys Menu Prices

What states have Farmer Boys restaurants?

Serving award-winning burgers, hearty cooked-to-order breakfasts, huge, hand-chopped salads, and tall, stacked sandwiches since 1981, they know one thing: farm fresh food will never go out of style. At last count, there are over 100 Farmer Boys restaurants in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Is Farmer Boys a fast food chain?

Farmer Boys is a fast food chain that operates primarily in California. Its headquarters are located in Riverside, California.

What time does Farmer Boys open?

Please visit the official website in order to confirm the opening hours based on your locations.

What time does Farmer Boys close?

Please visit the official website in order to confirm the closing hours based on your locations.

How old do you have to be to work at Farmer Boys?

If you want to work at Farmer Boys then the minimum age required to work there is 18 years old.

What are the Farmer Boys menu prices near me?

Farmer Boys has menu item prices between $2.7 and $16.9. Menu items range from lowest priced item Hot Coffee to highest priced item Pastrami Sandwich Combo.
The price range of the menu of Farmer Boys at the store generally varies between:
$2.7 – $16.9

Farmer Boys Contact Information

Office Address :- Farmer Boys Food, Inc. 3452, University Ave, Riverside, CA 92501

Phone Number :- (951) 275-9900

Contact Form :-  Check Here

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Final Words

This post is about the latest Farmer Boys Menu Prices. I’ve tried my best to collect and present all the data about the Farmer Boys Us Menu Prices. I hope you found it informative and it helps you to choose the perfect one for you. However, if you have any questions regarding the menu prices then leave a comment below in the comment. Thank you for reading the entire post.

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