Golden Corral Menu and Prices

golden corralIf you have decided to dine in at Golden Corral, you have definitely made the right choice. The Golden Corral buffet includes pizzas, healthy salads, Salisbury steaks, enchiladas and more to satiate your hunger cravings. Once you treat your taste buds to Golden Corral’s cuisine, you are definitely bound to be coming back for more!

You can enjoy your buffet here without being apprehensive of burning a hole in your pocket. This makes it affordable for everyone especially as it is an all-that-eat buffet. On most nights, you can relish a fulfilling dinner for just about $12 while if you walk in at noon, lunch is cheaper at $9. Kids can enjoy their meals for less than $7. Less than three year old tots get to have their food in the house.

Golden Corral Senior Specials

If you’re a senior citizen over 60 years of age, Golden Corral’s Senior Buffet is for you. Enjoy your lunch for $8 or dinner for $12. If you pay $2 extra during dinner, you can enjoy some beverages too. For little savings, walk in on Monday through Friday between 11 am and 4 pm to claim the Senior Bird Early Special and enjoy your dinner buffet along with drinks at $8 per head.

Golden Corral Military Appreciation Night

This is not done every night but is a regular feature of Golden Corral. The restaurant takes this opportunity to honor active duty members, ex-veterans or anyone associated with the US military with a free meal. However, non-military people accompanying them will have to pay for their meals. You can check out with the Group when they plan to host their next Military Appreciation Night.

Golden Corral Menu and Prices

Golden Corral Hours of Operation

Golden Corral has its doors open to customers all seven days of the week. However, the timing may vary slightly from branch to branch. You may want to call up the franchise you are interested in and check out their working hours. Also, do note that not all franchises have the breakfast option.

The timings adopted by most Golden Corral restaurants are listed below.

Lunch and Dinner:
11 am through 10 pm

Saturday Breakfast:
7:30 am through 11 am

Sunday Breakfast:
7:30 am through 11 am

Golden Corral welcomes diners to their premises even on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. But, like the normal hours of operation, timings could change for each franchise. So do check out the nearest franchise to avoid disappointment.

Dining at Golden Corral if You Have Food Allergies

Golden Corral understands that not all food suits everyone. The restaurant knows that there are people who are prone to food allergies, which is why they are skeptical about dining there. Golden Corral has an extensive PDF that you can check out to know the various items on their menu along with the potential allergens in them.

This can help you make a wise and informed decision on selecting a dish that conforms to your dietary requirements without the fear of encountering an allergy by accidentally biting into something that does not suit you.

Special Dietary Needs

Just like paying special attention to customers with food allergies, Golden Corral keeps in mind people who want healthy dining options. You can check out the various special menus that the restaurant has to offer meeting the dietary requirements given below.

  • No sugar added
  • Gluten-free
  • Sugar-free
  • Farm-fresh vegetables

Additionally, Golden Corral made an announcement recently that they are committed to serving only eggs of cage-free chickens. Since this is a recent initiative, the restaurant has not yet achieved this mission fully. The restaurant has declared that due to supply challenges, it will take a decade to achieve this completely. However, this has not deterred Golden Corral from going ahead with its plans. Some franchises have already started making the cage-free transition.

Something for Everyone

The Golden Corral restaurant has given key attention to its menu so that it does not leave anyone disappointed. The buffet-style restaurant ensures that there is definitely something for everyone. Along with delicious food, the restaurant takes pride in the fact that its food is reasonably priced. These factors make Golden Corral confident of welcoming more people to dine at their franchises with each passing day.