Hardee’s Menu Prices

hardeesHardee’s is an American fast-food chain and is the most popular in the Midwestern and Southeastern United States. The chain is 60 years old and has spread its wings all over the country and several Middle Eastern countries, during its existence. The menu consists of breakfast meals, burgers, chicken dishes. salads and sodas.

The most famous products of Hardee’s are biscuits and thickburgers. Furthermore, Hardees set itself apart from the other fast-food chains by grilling the burgers on the charcoal grill to give it their juicy and smokey signature taste.

Hardee’s Menu Prices


1/3 lb. Cheeseburger $4.19
1/3 lb. Cheeseburger $4.19
1/2 lb. Cheeseburger $5.29
1/3 lb. Original Thickburger $4.59
1/2 lb. Original Thickburger $5.59
1/3 lb. Mushroom & Swiss Thickburger $4.79
1/2 lb. Mushroom & Swiss Thickburger $5.99
1/3 lb. Bacon Cheese Thickburger $4.99
1/2 lb. Bacon Cheese Thickburger $6.19
1/3 lb. Frisco Thickburger $4.99
1/2 lb. Frisco Thickburger $5.89
2/3 lb. Monster Thickburger $6.99
1/4 lb. Little Thick Cheeseburger $2.79
1/4 lb. Little Thickburger $3.19
1/4 lb. Bacon Velveeta Patty Meltdown Thickburger $4.89
1/3 lb. Bacon Velveeta Patty Meltdown Thickburger $5.89
1/2 lb. Bacon Velveeta Patty Meltdown Thickburger $7.59
Beer-Battered COD Fish Sandwich $3.69
Charbroiled Chicken Club $4.99
Big Hot Ham ‘n’ Cheese $4.39
1/4 lb. Mile High Bacon Thickburger $4.69
1/3 lb. Mile High Bacon Thickburger $5.69
1/2 lb. Mile High Bacon Thickburger $7.09


3 Pc. Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders $3.69
5 Pc. Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders $5.49
10 Pc. Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders Box $9.99
15 Pc. Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders Box $14.49
20 Pc. Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders Box $18.49
Big Chicken Fillet Sandwich $4.59
Bacon Swiss Big Chicken Fillet Sandwich $5.09

Red Burrito Meals

Red Burrito Bowl $4.59
Grilled Chicken Burrito $4.99
Beef Burrito $4.99
Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito $2.99
Beef Taco $0.99
Chicken Soft Taco $1.29
Southwest Chicken Taco $1.39
Deluxe Taco $1.29
Quesadilla Cheese $1.99
Quesadilla Chicken $3.59
Super Nachos $2.99
Taco Salad $1.89
Taquitos $2.99
Beans $0.89
Rice $0.89
Chips & Salsa $1.29
Sour Cream $0.25


Small French Fries $1.59
Medium French Fries $1.89
Large French Fries $2.09
Small Crispy Curls $1.79
Medium Crispy Curls $1.99
Large Crispy Curls $2.19
Beer Battered Onion Rings $2.19


1 Pc. Chocolate Chip Cookie $0.89


Beverages $1.69
Orange Juice $1.69
Colombian Coffee $1.29
Milk $1.29
Ice Cream Shakes & Malts $2.99
Dasani Water $1.69

Hardee’s Review

The biscuits of Hardee’s for breakfast are freshly baked in the oven every morning. Unsurprisingly, for many people, the biscuits of Hardee’s are a breakfast favorite. When it comes to biscuits no other fast-food chain comes even close.

Hardee’s has many different options to decorate your fresh biscuit. Any combination of crispy bacon, egg, omelet, sausage, and cheese complement your biscuit to make your favorite combination.

The charbroiled thickburgers distinguish Hardee’s burgers from other fast-food burger chains. To exemplify, the 1/3 lb. Original Thickburger has a 100% Black Angus beef patty grilled on charcoal. When eating this “serious” burger you immediately taste the juicy, smokey goodness of this premium burger.

Hardee’s delivers premium taste and quality for a low price. The quality of the meat is what you would expect from a specialized high-end burger restaurant, not from a fast-food chain. The complimentary fries are served hot and are delicious too. Last but not least the milkshakes are made with real hand-scooped ice cream and fresh milk.

The staff is friendly, helpful, and they serve the food at your table. The restaurants are clean and well-maintained. The turnover rate of personnel is quite low and contributes to their excellent customer service.

In every aspect, Hardee’s goes one or maybe even two steps further than their competitors when it comes to the quality of their products and service.