Little Caesars Menu Prices

little caesarsThe only thing little about Little Caesars is the name and the price! Famous for its Pizza! Pizza! It is not hard to see why it is the third biggest pizza chain in the US. You can’t go wrong in terms of value, especially with their Hot-N-Ready it’s in the oven waiting for you, so if you are to drop-in, there is no waiting around, have as many as you want, any time of day, a 14-inch margarita or pepperoni for 5$, yes only 5$!

And they have a huge range of great pizzas from classic toppings to some not so classic like a hot dog! And you can of course always make your own. They have regular promotions offering different themed flavours and offers and discounts you can take advantage of. You will need to check your local store as some only have a takeaway and delivery facility and not an option to dine in, but if you give them a call they will be happy to help. They have a great website for ordering online too.

Little Caesars Menu Prices


Hot-N-Ready Pepperoni $5.00
Deep Dish Pizza $7.00
3 Meat Treat Pizza $8.00
Pizza By the Slice $1.99

Specialty Items

Crazy Bread $1.99
Crazy Combo $2.69
Buffalo Caesar Wings $5.00
Oven Roasted Caesar Wing $5.00
Lemon Pepper Caesar Wings $5.00
Crazy Sauce $0.99
Buffalo Caesar Wings (Mild) $5.00
Spicy Bbq Caesar Wings $5.00
Garlic Parmesan Caesar Wing $5.00

Made to Order Pizzas

Any One-Topping Pizza $6.00
Ultimate Supreme Pizza $8.00
Cheese Only Pizza $5.00
Veggie Pizza $8.00

Made to Order Specialty

Little Caesars Pepperoni Cheese Bread $6.00
Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread $4.00


Anchovies $1.50
Beef Topping $1.50
Extra Cheese $1.50
Ham $1.50
Mild Banana Peppers $1.50
Onions $1.50
Pineapples $1.50
Add Butter Parmesan Flavor to Entire Pizza $1.50
Bacon $1.50
Black Olives $1.50
Green Peppers $1.50
Italian Sausage $1.50
Mushrooms $1.50
Pepperoni $1.50
Add Butter Parmesan Flavor to Crust $1.00

Little Caesars Review

They don’t just offer a classic base, they also have the deep deep option, thin-crust and more. And if you fancy something different you can check out their other ranges which do change based on the location and season but include: hot dogs, chicken, sides, shrimp, and fish

Little Caesars is a great place to go after a night out with your friends. You can order a Hot-N-Ready pepperoni and you are sure to be impressed. And imagine, if there are four of you it costs just over a dollar each for two slices of cheesy heaven, your mouth will be watering with hot gooey cheesy goodness and the base will be cooked to absolute perfection. You will definitely agree it is a great value for fantastic quality and you will definitely recommend to anyone who fancies a cheaper take out option!