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[New Update 2023] Discover Mas Tacos Por Favor Menu with Prices and Reviews

As the highest-rated Mexican restaurant in Nashville, USA, what sets Mas Tacos Por Favor apart? Let’s explore the latest information about Mas Tacos Por Favor menu with prices, along with some reviews about the restaurant, brought to you by Menu Price Today!

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Mas Tacos Por Favor Menu with Prices 2023

Mas Tacos Por Favor is a renowned restaurant located in Nashville that specializes in serving authentic Mexican cuisine. This eatery captures the unique and distinctive qualities of Mexican culinary traditions, showcasing a diverse range of ingredients, cooking techniques, and flavors.

When it comes to Mexican food, perhaps the most well-known dish is tacos. Tacos also feature prominently on the menu at Mas Tacos Por Favor. In addition to tacos, Mas Tacos Por Favor offers a variety of other traditional Mexican dishes such as elote, tortilla, pozole, along with many other food and beverage options.

Below is the latest menu and prices for Mas Tacos Por Favor. If there are any discrepancies, please feel free to add them in the comments section below!


All tacos include: cilantro, lime $3.



Pulled Pork $3
Casst Iron Chicken $3
Spicy Carne Molida $3
Qinoa & Sweet Potato $3
Fried Tilapia $3.50
Fried Avocado $3.50





Mexico City Styles $5
Pozole Verde $6
Sopa Tarasca $5





Cuban Black Beans $5
Elote $4
Sweet Plantains $4





Daily Aguas Frescas $3
Horchata $3
Mexican Sodas $3
Iced Coffee $4
Café Leches $3



Dela cantina



Fresh Lime Margarita $8
Fresh Fruit Margarita $8
Paloma $8
Cuba Libre $7
Daily Sangria $8


Fine selection

Tequila Rum
Mezcal Beer


Daily Specials

Wednesday: hand rolles Tamales

Thursday: pickes Cactus & chorizo taco

Saturday Brunch: Breakfast taco + Chilaquiles

Mas Tacos Por Favor Near Me, Locations

Mas Tacos Por Favor has only one restaurant in TN, USA: 732 Mcferrin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206.

Mas Tacos Por Favor Hours, Phone Number

Mas Tacos Por Favor operates from Tuesday to Saturday, and remains closed on Sunday and Monday. The opening hours for Mas Tacos Por Favor are as follows:

  • Tuesday to Friday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

For inquiries and reservations, you can reach Mas Tacos Por Favor at the phone number: +1 615-543-6271.

Additionally, you can also explore Mas Tacos Por Favor on Instagram: mastacos

It’s always a good idea to check their social media channels for any updates, special offers, or changes in operating hours.

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Mas Tacos Por Favor Reviews

The restaurant “Mas Tacos Por Favor” is a unique establishment in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, renowned for its tacos and Mexican cuisine. In Spanish, “Mas Tacos Por Favor” translates to “Please Add More Tacos.” It’s not only a popular spot within the local community but also a beloved destination for visitors coming to Nashville.

mas tacos por favor menu
Wide variety of tacos

Diverse, delicious, and perfect menu.

With the name “Please Add More Tacos,” the restaurant not only focuses on tacos but also offers a diverse menu with many appealing choices. Of course, the various types of tacos are the standout feature. From tender meat tacos to flavorful fish tacos, each dish combines unique flavors and fresh ingredients.

In addition to main dishes like tacos and soups, the restaurant also takes special care of patrons with a range of other delectable and distinctive offerings such as the savory and creamy Elote, the subtly spicy Cuban Black Beans, and the sweet Sweet Plantains.

The richness extends to a variety of desserts and refreshing beverages. What’s special is that you’ll have the chance to try intriguing drinks like iced coffee, horchata, and delightful soft drinks.

Some of the most delicious dishes that you should order when visiting Mas Tacos Por Favor include: Elote, Quinoa & Sweet Potato tacos, Fried Avocado tacos, Sweet Plantains, and a selection of unique Margaritas. The Mexico City-Style soups are also delicious (despite some debates about their taste).

mas tacos por favor menu
Diverse menu

Warm ambiance and impressive music

From the moment you step into Mas Tacos Por Favor, you’ll be immersed in a warm and inviting atmosphere that exudes the essence of the American South. The design is simple yet creative, with vibrant colors that make this place a friendly and relaxing stop. It’s not just a spot for family dinners, but also ideal for intimate romantic outings. Mas Tacos Por Favor has truly crafted a versatile and comfortable space for all diners.

mas tacos por favor menu
Nostalgic space

You’ll not only enjoy your meal but also immerse yourself in the music of the 90s at Mas Tacos Por Favor. The combination of the ambiance and the music creates a nostalgic and special feeling, transporting you to a bygone era of America or even your own travels abroad.

mas tacos por favor menu
Cozy space

The staff at Mas Tacos Por Favor are dedicated and professional. They warmly welcome guests year-round and are ready to offer intriguing suggestions regarding food and drinks. The service truly reflects class and high quality.

The global travel experts at Frommer’s have also awarded the restaurant a three-star rating, highlighting their high regard for the culinary experience here. If the opportunity arises, do visit Mas Tacos Por Favor and indulge in this exceptional experience!

mas tacos por favor menu
There is a small bar in the back

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