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Let’s Eat Soul Food Menu With Prices, Reviews – Delicious African Cuisine In Durham

If you’re looking for an African cuisine restaurant in the United States, then Let’s Eat Soul Food is a must-visit. Let’s Eat Soul Food is an unmissable destination for those who love Southern cuisine and want to have a delicious and cozy meal. Join Menu Price Today in exploring Let’s Eat Soul Food menu with prices and some related reviews about this restaurant!

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Let’s Eat Soul Food Menu with Prices

Let’s Eat Soul Food is a restaurant that specializes in serving traditional dishes of African Americans. You can enjoy various dishes such as sandwiches, biscuits, meat platters, noodles, fried chicken, fried shrimp, fried fish, grilled ribs, rice and gravy, and more. You can also choose from various side dishes such as cabbage, collard greens, pinto beans, baked cheese, french fries, garlic mashed potatoes, potato salad, yam soufflé, coleslaw, and more. Don’t forget to enjoy the delicious desserts such as pudding, cake, pie, and drinks such as lemonade, sweet tea, soda, and water.

Below is the information of Let’s Eat Soul Food menu with prices. However, the information may not be complete and accurate at some points. Therefore, to update the information of Let’s Eat Soul Food menu, you should visit the official pages of the restaurant to know the most accurate.


Add Egg & Cheese to Any Biscuit for an Additional $2

Chicken  $5
 Salmon Cake  $5


Step 1. Choose your meat. Bacon or Sausage

Step 2. Grits or Hashbrowns




Eggs $3, Breakfast meats: $3 Hashbrowns: $5 Cup of grits: $4 Waffles&French Toast: $7.50


Chicken $15.50
Pork Chop  $15.50
Shrimp  $16.00
 CatFish $15.50


Country sauce or Cujan cream sauce

Salmon Cakes  $15
Shrimp & Grits  $18
Catfish & Grits  $16


Turkey Wings | Ox Tail | Fried Chicken Liver Served with Rice and Gravy


1 Entrée and 1 Side $12.00
1 Entrée and 2 Sides $14.50
Shrimp and 1 Side $15.00
Shrimp and 2 Sides $17.50
Chicken Entrée and 1 Side $12.00
Chicken Entrée and 2 Side2 $8.50


Chicken Wings (6) (9) (12) $8.50, $12.50, $16.00

Chicken Tenders $8.50
Shrimp (12) $11.50
Fried Fish (2) $8.50
Fried Pork Chop (2) $8.50
Chicken Salad $8.50
Chicken & Dumplings $8.50
Baked Chicken Wings $8.50
Hamburger Steak & Gravy w/ Rice. $8.50



Fried Fish (2 Piece) $8.50
Pork Chop (2 Piece) $8.50
Chicken Salad $6.50


1 Entrée and 1 Side $7.50
Shrimp and 1 Side $10.00


Cabbage* $3.50
Collards* $3.50
Cabbage/Collards Mix* $3.50
Green Beans $3.50
Baked Mac & Cheese $4.00
Fried Okra $3.50
French Fries $3.50
Garlic Mashed Potatoes $3.50
Potato Salad $3.50
Rice & Gravy $3.50
Yam Soufflé $3.50
Coleslaw $3.50
Turkey Collards $3.50
Turkey Pinto Beans $3.50


Bottled Water $1.00
Canned Soda $1.00
Lemonades $2.25
Southern Sweet Tea $2.25


Fabian Flavors Assorted Puddings $5.25
Cake With Me Assorted Cakes $4.50
Mrs. Pie Assorted Pie Slices $4.00

Let’s Eat Soul Food Location, Near Me

Let’s Eat Soul Food is located at 2514 Fayetteville St, Durham, NC 27707, USA.

Let’s Eat Soul Food Phone Number, Hours

Opening hours at Let’s Eat Soul Food:

  • Mon – Sat: 11:00am-7:00pm
  • Sun: 12:00am-5:00pm

Other contact information:

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Let’s Eat Soul Food Reviews

If you’re a fan of Southern cuisine and looking for a cozy place reminiscent of grandma’s home, then Let’s Eat Soul Food is the perfect address for you. This restaurant not only brings you delicious dishes but also allows you to experience the distinctive flavors and atmosphere of the South.

Distinctive Flavors

The restaurant offers many enticing dishes, but some standout items you shouldn’t miss include:

Special Honey Glazed Chicken Wings: These wings are a crowd-pleaser with the perfect combination of sweet honey and spicy chili. Crispy fried wings are dipped in hot honey sauce, creating a shiny and fragrant coating. The tender and succulent chicken inside blends with the sweet and spicy flavor of the sauce, providing a rich and flavorful taste experience.

Fried Whiting Fish: For seafood lovers, the fried whiting fish is a simple yet mouthwatering dish. Fresh and firm fish is seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, onions, and lime, then coated in cornmeal and fried until golden brown. The fried whiting fish offers a refreshing taste of fish, complemented by the crispiness of the cornmeal and a slight tanginess from the lime.

let's eat soul food menu
The saucy chicken is absolutely tasty

Assorted Sandwiches: A variety of sandwiches are served here, made with bread, butter, and water, baked until golden and fragrant. You can fill them with meat, fresh vegetables, cheese, sauce, or anything of your choice. Each filling brings a unique and harmonious flavor, making the sandwiches both appetizing and creative. It’s an easy-to-eat option, perfect for those unsure of what to order.

Strawberry Pudding: After enjoying the main courses, don’t miss the sweet and nutritious strawberry pudding. Made with fresh strawberries, sugar, butter, milk, eggs, flour, and baking powder, the pudding has a smooth and vibrant red mixture. Baked until golden, the strawberry pudding has a sweet and fragrant taste of strawberries, combined with the rich creaminess of butter and milk, creating an irresistible dessert.

Refreshing Lemonade: To finish your meal perfectly, try the delicious lemonade at the restaurant. Made from fresh lemons, sugar, and filtered water, shaken well and served over ice. The lemonade has a fresh and cool aroma, soothing the senses and quenching your thirst. It also helps cleanse the palate and balance the aftertaste of heavier dishes. Lemonade is a fantastic beverage that not only refreshes the body but also adds sophistication to the meal.

let's eat soul food menu
The freshly fried seafood dishes are delicious

Reasonable Prices

Another plus point of Let’s Eat Soul Food is its reasonable and affordable prices. You can enjoy delicious dishes without worrying about your wallet. The restaurant also offers many deals and attractive promotions for loyal customers. Many reviews indicate that this is a place where you can eat well and be satisfied with true value for money.

let's eat soul food menu
Combining African cuisine with American flavors

Friendly Service and Space

Not only does the restaurant excel in cuisine, but it also has friendly service and a warm, cozy atmosphere. The restaurant staff is always prompt and friendly, ready to serve and advise you on suitable dishes. Their attentiveness and dedication to each customer create an enjoyable and memorable experience. The restaurant space is clean, simple, and inviting, giving you a feeling of being at home.

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