Papa Murphy’s Menu Prices

papa murphy'sOne of Vancouver’s most favorite companies is Papa Murphy. This take and bake pizza company is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington. It opened 25 years ago, in 1995, and now has a revenue of more than $800 million.

An interesting fact about Papa Murphy is that it was a merger of two local pizza companies Papa Aldo’s Pizza (from 1981) and Murphy’s Pizza (from 1984). The take and bake pizzerias go back to the 1980s when Papa Aldo’s Pizza was first founded in Hillsboro, Oregon. Shortly after, in 1984, Murphy’s Pizza came around and started operating in Petaluma, California.

As of 2019, Papa Murphy has more than 1,300 differentiations outlets in both Canada and the United States. Ranked by the Forbes magazine at number 5 of the top 20 restaurants to buy from in 2011, it is highly praised for its delicious products. In fact, it is even the fifth-largest pizza chain in America.

Papa Murphy’s Menu Prices


Mediterranean $5.00
Italian $5.00
Club $5.00
Garden $5.00


Garden Veggie $14.00
Papa’s Favorite $14.00
Chicken Garlic $14.00
Pepperoni $11.00
Hawaiian $12.00
Papa’s All Meat $14.00
Cowboy $14.00
Murphy’s Combo $14.00
The recipes that made them famous.

Gourmet Delite

Chicken Bacon Artichoke $14.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean $13.00
Thai Chicken $13.00
Angus Steak & Roasted Garlic $15.00
Gourmet Vegetarian $14.00
Spicy Fennel Sausage $15.00
Artisan thin crust with lower calories.


5-Meat Stuffed $15.00
Big Murphy’s Stuffed $15.00
Chicago-Style Stuffed $15.00
Chicken Bacon Stuffed $15.00
Two layers of big flavor.

Create Your Own

Create Your Own Pizza $10.00


Sausage Faves $5.00
Bacon Thick ‘N’ Cheesy Homebaked Bread $6.00
Pepperoni Faves $5.00
Cheese Faves $5.00

Sides & Sweets

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough $4.00
Cinnamon Wheel $4.00
2 Liter Pepsi Product $2.00
Mini Murph Cheese $3.00
Mini Murph Pepperoni $3.00
Classic Cheesy Bread $4.00
Thick ‘N’ Cheesy Homebaked Bread $5.00
S’mores Pizza $4.00
Confetti Cookie Dough $4.00

Papa Murphy’s Review

When you check the reviews of Papa Murphy, one of the most commonly seen comments is that they offer one of the best pizzas in the world. There is a reason why it’s often named the best pizza chain in the United States and has gained multiple awards such as the franchisee satisfaction in 2009 and 2010, and Zagat’s number 1 pizza chain in 2010, 2011, and 2012. “Cowboy”, “Papa’s Favourite”, “Murphy’s Combo”, “Garden Veggie”, “Garlic Pizza”, and “Papa’s All Meat” are just some of the signature pizzas offered at Papa Murphy loved by all visitors.

Among some of the many reviews left all around the internet are related to the atmosphere and food that the company has to offer. The likes of “appetizing dessert menu”, “endless pizza, salads, and starters options”, and “crunchy pizzas with rich toppings and fresh ingredients” are some of the most commonly seen reviews about Papa Murphy.