Tops Pizza Menu With Prices [Updated]

Tops Pizza Menu Prices [2022 Updated]


Hello Guys, welcome to If you are searching for Tops Pizza menu And prices then So you have landed on the right website. In this article, you will get the latest list of Tops Pizza Menu Prices.

I have explained the entire Tops Pizza Menu below in the article, but keep in mind that the data might be a little varied from location to location across the UK. Nevertheless, you can visit the official site for confirmation.

Below is the latest Tops Pizza Menu Prices list that you can check out when ordering your food:

Tops Pizza UK Menu Prices

Picked For You

 Red Wine £11.99
 BBQ Ribs £7.99
 Chicken Nuggets £4.99
 Large American Hot Pizza £16.99
 Large Meat Lover Pizza £16.99


Party Pack £26.64
 The Great Double £18.99


 Special Deal £20.00

Hungry Man

 Large Pizza £18.99

The Great Double

Any Two Large Pizzas £21.99
Any Two Supersize Pizzas £23.99
 Any Two Medium Pizzas £18.99

Home Alone

Large Pizza (Home Alone) £21.99
Medium Pizza £18.99

Party Pack

Any Three Supersize Pizzas £32.97
Any Three Large Pizza £29.97
 Any Three Medium Pizza £26.64

Supersize Pizza

The Supersize Mediterranean Pizza £18.99
Supersize Chicken Tops Pizza £18.99
Supersize Vegi Hot Pizza £18.99
Supersize Vegi Lover Pizza £18.99
Supersize Tops CheesyBurger Pizza £18.99
Supersize Meaty BBQ Pizza £18.99
Supersize Salami Lover £18.99
Supersize Hot Dog Pizza £18.99
Supersize American Hot Pizza £18.99
Supersize BBQ Chicken Pizza £18.99
Supersize Tandoori Lover Pizza £18.99
Supersize Hot Lovers Pizza £18.99
Supersize Seafood Pizza £18.99
Supersize Hawaiian Pizza £18.99
Supersize Original Margherita Pizza £18.99
Supersize Pulled Pork Pizza £17.99
Supersize Californian Pizza £18.99
Supersize Cheese Lover Pizza £18.99
Supersize Pepperoni Lover Pizza £18.99
Supersize Special Pizza £18.99
Supersize Tops Club Pizza £18.99
Supersize Chicken Tikka Pizza £18.99
Supersize Peri Peri Lover Pizza £18.99
Supersize Mexican Hot Pizza £18.99
Supersize Meat Lover Pizza £18.99

Medium Pizzas

Medium Meat Lover Pizza £13.99
Medium Pepperoni Lover Pizza £13.99
Medium American Hot Pizza £13.99
Medium BBQ Chicken Pizza £13.99
Medium Tandoori Lover Pizza £13.99
Medium Hot Lovers Pizza £13.99
Medium Pulled Pork Pizza £12.99
Medium Hot Dog Pizza £13.99
Medium Vegi Hot Pizza £13.99
Medium Vegi Lover Pizza £13.99
Medium Californian Pizza £13.99
Medium Cheese Lover Pizza £13.99
Medium Original Margherita Pizza £13.99
Medium Tops CheesyBurger Pizza £13.99
Medium Tops Club Pizza £13.99
Medium Chicken Tikka Pizza £13.99
Medium Seafood Pizza £13.99
Medium Hawaiian Pizza £13.99
Medium Salami Lover £13.99
The Medium Mediterranean Pizza £13.99
Medium Mexican Hot Pizza £13.99
Medium Peri Peri Lover Pizza £13.99
Medium Meaty BBQ Pizza £13.99
Medium Special Pizza £13.99
Medium Chicken Tops Pizza £13.99

Large Pizzas

Large Meat Lover Pizza (Large Pizzas) £16.99
Large American Hot Pizza (Large Pizzas) £16.99
The Large Mediterranean Pizza £16.99
Large Tops Club Pizza £16.99
Large Californian Pizza £16.99
Large Tops CheesyBurger Pizza £16.99
Large Meaty BBQ Pizza £16.99
Large Hot Lovers Pizza £16.99
Large Meaty BBQ Pizza £16.99
Large Original Margherita Pizza £16.99
Large Chicken Tikka Pizza £16.99
Large Cheese Lover Pizza £16.99
Large Vegi Hot Pizza £16.99
Large BBQ Chicken Pizza £16.99
Large Pulled Pork Pizza £15.99
Large Seafood Pizza £16.99
Large Hot Dog Pizza £16.99
Large Hawaiian Pizza £16.99
Large Cheese Lover Pizza £16.99
Large Vegi Lover Pizza £16.99
Large Special Pizza £16.99
Large Mexican Hot Pizza £16.99
Large Peri Peri Lover Pizza £16.99
Large Salami Lover £16.99
Large Tandoori Lover Pizza £16.99
Large Chicken Tops Pizza £16.99

Classic Sides

Six Pieces Potato Skins with Cheese and Jalapeno £5.99
Potato Wedges (Classic Sides) £4.99
Six Pieces Potato Skins with Cheese and Bacon £5.99
Breaded Mozzarella Sticks £4.99
Onion Rings (Classic Sides) £3.99
Hot Cream Cheese Jalapenos £4.99
Fresh Crunchy Side Salad £3.99
Garlic Pizza Bread with Cheese £4.99
Coleslaw £3.49
Curly Fries £4.99
Onion Rings £3.99
Potato Wedges £4.99
Garlic Bread £2.99
Garlic Bread with Cheese £3.99
Spicy Cheesy Nachos £4.99


Boneless Ribs £7.99
BBQ Ribs (Ribs) £7.99

Chicken Sides

Chicken Nuggets (Chicken Sides) £4.99
Fiery Wings in Hot and Spicy Coating £5.99
Spicy Chicken Dippers £5.99
Kickin Chicken £5.99
Chicken Dippers £5.99
BBQ Chicken Wings £5.99


Fanta £0.89
Fanta Peach £0.99
Fanta Orange £0.99
Coca-Cola Original Taste £0.99
Coca Cola £0.89
Coca-Cola Original Taste (Beverages) £0.99
Diet Coca Cola £0.89
7UP Regular 1.5 Litres £2.49
Mineral Water £0.99
Diet Coke £0.99
Sprite £0.99
Coca-Cola Zero sugar 330ml £0.99
Fanta Orange 1.5L £2.49


Banoffee Cream Pie £3.49
Haagen Dazs Ice Cream £6.99
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream £6.99
Warm and Crunchy Cookies £3.99
Cookies and Cream Cheesecake £3.49
Warm Chocolate Lover Brownies £3.99
Chocolate Fudge Cake £3.49
Banoffee Cream Pie (Desserts) £3.49


Ketchup Dip £0.50
Peri Peri Dip £0.50
BBQ Dip £0.50
Chilli Dip £0.50
Sweet Chilli Dip £0.50
Sour Cream and Chives Dip £0.50
Garlic and Herb Dip £0.50

Alcoholic Beverages

Foster’s £3.99
Stella Artois £2.99
Kronenbourg 1664 £2.99
Budweiser £2.99


White Wine £11.99
Red Wine (Wine) £11.99

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