Wendy’s Menu Prices

wendysThe place of the “Old Fashion Burger” which was founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas has now became the 3rd largest hamburger fast-food chain in the world with 6711 locations with 92% of them in North America.

Thomas named the restaurant after his fourth child Melinda Lou Wendy Thomas with photos of her displayed at the first location until it closed.

Although a fast food restaurant Wendys is one of the few companies that’s known for the amazing quality of food, they have redefined the fast-food world with signature products such as the Frostys, the ever-popular Baconator Burger and the sea salt fries.

One of the biggest standouts this company has is the square burgers, with unique marketing like that its no wonder they’ve become a giant in this sector, Wendys is a beloved restaurant, not many other fast-food chains can say that.

Wendy’s Menu Prices

Made To Crave

Barbecue Cheeseburger $4.79
S’Awesome Bacon Cheeseburger $4.99
Peppercorn Mushroom Melt $5.29

Fresh Salads

Apple Pecan Chicken $4.69
Asian Cashew Chicken $4.69
BBQ Ranch Chicken $4.69
Spicy Chicken Caesar $4.69

Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburgers

Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy 1/4 Lb. Single with Cheese $4.19
Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy 1/2 Lb. Double with Cheese $5.19
Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy 3/4 Lb. Triple with Cheese $6.09
Baconator $6.09
Son Of Baconator $4.69
Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger $4.99

Tender Juicy Chicken

Spicy Chicken $4.69
Homestyle Chicken $4.69
Asiago Ranch Chicken Club $5.49
Ultimate Chicken Grill $4.69
10 Pc. Chicken Nuggets – Combo $5.99

Right Price Right Size

Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe $1.89
Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger $1.99
Double Stack $2.09
6 Pc. Regular or Spicy Chicken Nuggets $1.79
Chicken Go Wrap (Spicy or Grilled) $1.79
Caesar or Garden Side Salad $1.49
Chili – Small $2.09
Jr. Cheeseburger $0.99
Crispy Chicken Sandwich $0.99
4 Pc. Regular or Spicy Chicken Nuggets $0.99
Value Natural-Cut Fries $0.99
Value Soft Drink $0.99
Small Frosty $0.99

Hot Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Bacon & Cheese Baked Potato $2.89

Redhead Roasters

Hot Coffee $0.99
Iced Coffee $1.79
Premium Hot Tea (Regular) $0.99


Meal $4.00

Thick, Rich Frosty

Classic Frosty $0.99

Fresh-Baked Favorites

Espresso Chip Bar $1.39
Oatmeal Bar $1.39
Sugar Cookie $1.39
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.39
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.39

Kid’s Meal

Cheeseburger $3.69
Grilled Chicken Wrap $3.79
4 Pc. Chicken Nuggets $3.69
Hamburger $3.39


Natural-Cut Fries $1.69
Cheese Fries $2.19
Bacon Fondue Fries $1.99
Sour Cream & Chives Baked Potato $2.79
Rich & Meaty Chili $2.09
Caesar Side Salad $1.49
Garden Side Salad $1.49
Family Size Chili $9.99


Soft Drink or Freshly Brewed Iced Tea $1.69
Nestle Bottled Water $1.59
Trumoo Milk 1% Low-Fat $1.29

Signature Beverages

All-Natural Lemonade $1.99
Strawberry Lemonade $2.29
Honest Tropical Green Tea $1.99

Wendy’s Review

When you feel hungry, visit your favourite Wendy’s. The wide range of food variety at Wendy’s is unparalleled. Food fanatics love the Baconotar burger; it’s packed with flavorful bacon and cheese. The sea salt french fries are another is another favourite on the menu. You can’t miss the chilli fries, they are hands down one of the best chilli fries you will taste in your life.

To cool off the heat, you can chill with the vanilla and chocolate frosty. For your early morning meals, this place has some fine breakfast combos; sandwiches, biscuits or croissants. To fully wake up have a try of their fine roasted coffee. Kids adore Wendy’s because of its customized Kids Meals.

To snack on the go, you can get some freshly baked cookies. For a quick bite, their home-style potatoes and egg burritos are very appealing. For those looking for something healthier, the garden-fresh salad alternatives are worth trying. Wendy’s has the best meals to satisfy your hunger.