Wingstop Menu With Prices [Updated]

Wingstop Menu Prices [2022 Updated]


Hello Guys, welcome to If you are searching for Wingstop menu And prices then So you have landed on the right website. In this article, you will get the latest list of Wingstop Menu Prices.

I have explained the entire Wingstop Menu below in the article, but keep in mind that the data might be a little varied from location to location across the UK. Nevertheless, you can visit the official site for confirmation.

Wingstop History

Wingstop is an American multinational chain of nostalgic, aviation-themed restaurants specializing in chicken wings. The Wingstop restaurant chain was founded in 1994 in Garland, Texas.

Wingstop’s menu consists of chicken wings, boneless wings, and chicken tenders with various dips and sides.

The company has more than 1250 locations across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Russia, Singapore, Colombia, and the United Arab Emirates and it intends to expand to more than 2,500 places.

Below is the latest Wingstop Menu Prices list that you can check out when ordering your food:

Wingstop UK Menu Prices



8 Pieces Boneless £8.5
10 Pieces Boneless £10.5
12 Pieces Boneless £11.5


3 Pieces Tenders £5.5
5 Pieces Tenders £7.25


Hot Wings Platter £23.5
Classic Wings Platter £23.5
Hot Boneless Platter £23.5
Classic Boneless Platter £23.5

Seasoned Sides

Regular Fries £3.25
Regular Sweet Potato Fries £3.75
Large Sweet Potato Fries £4.75
Large Fries £4
Honey Mustard Slaw £2.7

Loaded Fries

Cheese Fries £5.5
Buffalo Ranch £5.5


Ranch £1.5
Honey Mustard £1.5
Ketchup Sachets £0.3
Mayo Sachets £0.3
Blue Cheese £1.5


Churros (6) £5.95
Churros (10) £6.95


Water (330ml) (Bottled) £2.4
Coke Zero (330ml) (Bottled) £2.5
Diet Coke (330ml) (Bottled) £2.5
Sprite (330ml) (Bottled) £2.5
Fanta Orange (330ml) (Bottled) £2.5
Regular Coke (330ml) (Bottled) £2.5

Alcohol Drinks

Camden Pale Ale 330ml £4.95


8 Pieces Wings £8.75
10 Pieces Wings £10.75
12 Pieces Wings £11.75

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What time does Wingstop open?

Wingstop opens at 10:10 a.m. Every day from Monday to Sunday. You can also check their website to check the hours of operation according to your location.

What time does Wingstop close?

Wingstop closes at midnight. From Monday to Sunday.

What is Wingstop UK Website Link?

Wingstop UK official website is

FAQ’s For Wingstop Menu Prices

Wingstop Menu Prices

What are the Wingstop menu prices near me?

Wingstop has menu item prices between £0.3 and £23.5. Menu items range from lowest priced item Mayo Sachets to highest priced item Hot Wings Platter.
The price range of the menu of Wingstop at the store generally varies between: £0.3 – £23.5

Final Words

This post is about the latest Wingstop Menu Prices. I’ve tried my best to collect and present all the data about the Wingstop UK Menu Prices. I hope you found it informative and it helps you to choose the perfect one for you. However, if you have any questions regarding the menu prices then leave a comment below in the comment. Thank you for reading the entire post.

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