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The Apparatus Room Menu With Prices, Reviews – Exquisite Culinary Delights In a Luxurious Space

The Apparatus Room is a culinary haven in the United States where the essence of culinary art and innovation converge. The unique experience here is not just a meal; it’s a journey of discovering taste through intricately crafted, exquisite dishes. Join Menu Price Today in exploring the dishes offered by this restaurant through The Apparatus Room menu with prices, along with some reviews related to this dining establishment!

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The Apparatus Room Menu with Prices


The Apparatus Room restaurant in the United States offers a unique culinary experience featuring American dishes inspired by the Midwest region. The diverse menu caters to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, accompanied by a selection of enticing cocktails. The breakfast menu includes a variety of options such as cornbread, porridge, tofu, cookies, fried chicken, waffles, and salmon sandwiches. Lunch and dinner offerings feature items like chicken sandwiches, beef sandwiches, pasta, grilled meats, and roasted salmon. The dessert menu is diverse, featuring chocolate cake, apple pie, ice cream, and various delicious pastries. Notably, they boast an extensive Cocktail and Wine menu, adding to the overall richness of the dining experience.

Below is information on The Apparatus Room menu with prices. However, it may not be comprehensive and accurate at all times. Therefore, for the most up-to-date and accurate information on The Apparatus Room menu, it is recommended to visit the official and authoritative restaurant sources directly!


ROASTED EGGPLANT SPREAD  cucumber, radish, seeded bread 7
SMOKED WHITEFISH DIP smoked white fish, grapes & toast points 11
SALMON DEVILED EGGS farm egg, salmon tartare, green curry 12
HALF SHELL OYSTER yuzu mignonette, tabasco, lemon 3.50 EA.
PRIME BEEF TARTARE caperberry, cooked farm egg, horseradish  17
GULF SHRIMP BLT COCKTAIL poached shrimp, bacon, avocado & house cocktail sauce 20


KALE AND QUINOA SALAD toasted walnut, dried cherries, and feta  14
KALE CAESAR SALAD kale and arugula, parmesan, bagna cauda  14
APPLE, PEAR, PECAN, AND BLUE CHEESE SALAD –  artisan greens, crumbled blue cheese and maple dijon dressing 15


RICOTTA GNUDI pistachio, basil, fava bean 24
FARRO RISOTTO truffle, rapini, cured egg yolk 22


MAINE DIVER SCALLOPS piperade, charred tomato, shelling beans, thyme  36
ROASTED CHICKEN roasted half chicken, summer squash, mushroom, corn, lavender  32
ATLANTIC SALMON  sunchokes, mushrooms, sauce barigould 36
RAS EL HANOUT SCENTED PORK TENDERLOIN pork jus, romesco, chermoula, charred broccolini (vegan with maitake mushroom-28) 32


SHORT RIB BOURGUIGNON polenta, mushroom, bacon & pickled onion 34
10 OZ. COULETTE STEAK served with house fries and beef jus  36
14 OZ 60 DAY VINTAGE RIBEYE served with house fries and beef jus 52


ZAATAR ROASTED FINGERLING POTATOES saffron aioli, queso fresco 7
BLISTERED GREEN BEANS almond, bread crumb, soy & dijon vinaigrette 7
CHARRED BRASSICAS preserved lemon, harissa vinaigrette  9
SALT AND PEPPER FRENCH FRIEShouse made, twice fried, topped with parmesan 5


YOGURT PARFAIT strawberry sofrtio, blueberries, granola 11
STEEL CUT IRISH OATS  banana, chocolate, hazelnut 10
AVOCADO TOAST bacon, grapefruit, multigrain bread 11
APPLE & PEAR SALAD  greens, crumbled blue, maple dijon 14


POTATOES roasted garlic, herbs 7
BERRY BOWL mint chantilly 6
CHIPS ranch seasoning, dill crema 4


STRATA mushrooms, sage mornay, fines herbs 14
SLAB BACON BENEDICT bacon, tomato hollandaise, english muffin 14
DFH BREAKFAST SANDWICH fried egg, harissa ketchup, arugula, bacon 11
SHORT RIB HASH smoked cheddar, potatoes, basil pesto, caramelized onions 14
FIREHOUSE BREAKFAST 2 eggs (guest choice), bacon-or- sausage, potatoes, seeded 12


DOUBLE DOUBLE double espresso shot, double espresso vodka 14
COFFEE from Great Lakes Coffee Roasters 3-50
CAPPUCCINO W/ WHOLE MILK. almond, oat and soy milk available upon request 4-50
LATTE W/ WHOLE MILK. almond, oat and soy milk available upon request 5
HOT TEA jasmine (green), blueberry hibiscus, earl grey 4
JUICE orange, grapefruit, cranberry 14


WAFFLE stonefruit compote, honey chantilly, maple syrup 14
GRAIN SALAD quinoa, chicories, feta, basil vin 15
SHRIMP ROLLlemon aioli, romaine, fines herbs 16
CHICKEN SANDWICH spicy slaw, b&b pickle, brioche, chips 15

The Apparatus Room Locations, Near Me

The Apparatus Room is located at 250 W. Larned, Detroit, MI, United States, Michigan

The Apparatus Room Hours, Phone Number

Opening hours at The Apparatus Room:

Breakfast 7a – 10:30a
Lunch 11a – 2p
Bar and Lounge 11a – 11p
Dinner 5p – 10p
Breakfast 7a – 10:30a
Lunch 11a – 2p
Bar and Lounge 11a – 12a
Dinner 5p – 10p
Brunch 7a – 2p
Bar & Lounge 11a-12a
Dinner 5p – 10p
Brunch 7a – 2p
Bar and Lounge 11a-10p
Dinner 5p-9p


Other contact information:

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The Apparatus Room Reviews


The Apparatus Room is a unique culinary destination and an exceptional space that offers a great experience with its luxurious ambiance and professional service. Let’s explore this special upscale restaurant in Detroit together!

Exquisite Culinary Delights

The Apparatus Room’s menu is not only diverse but also deeply rooted in American cuisine, drawing inspiration from the Midwest region. Each dish is meticulously crafted, ensuring distinctive and refined flavors throughout the day. The light and refreshing roasted cauliflower soup and the irresistibly flavorful Otto farm roasted chicken showcase the creativity and high quality of the culinary team.

From simple breakfast items like sandwiches, hamburgers, and traditional American breakfasts to sophisticated dinner options, the restaurant surprises with its diverse and unique menu. Start your day with the crispy and fragrant cornbread, a delightful experience where the natural flavor of corn harmonizes with the crunchiness of the bread, creating an enticing dish. The silky smooth soybean sticky rice, combined with biscuits and gravy, is a perfect choice for those seeking a delicious and wholesome morning.

the apparatus room menu
Classic breakfast dishes

For seafood enthusiasts, the smoked salmon sandwich is a must-try. Fresh and savory salmon, rich with the taste of the sea, is paired with crispy bread, forming a nutritious and flavorful breakfast. Lunch and dinner become even more spectacular with a variety of dishes from different ingredients. These dishes not only look appetizing but are also elegantly presented.

the apparatus room menu
Intricately prepared delicacies

Take, for example, the Risotto Arugula. The risotto with large grains, moistened by the flavors of arugula and truffle cream sauce, creates an exceptional culinary experience. The rice grains absorb the full flavor of the sauce, bringing a light and bright touch from the arugula. If you are a fan of the traditional flavor of roasted chicken, the Otto farm roasted chicken will not disappoint. Crispy, evenly seasoned, and enticing, each piece of meat delivers a rich taste, accompanied by a crispy crust for a delightful dinner.

the apparatus room menu
Elegantly decorated dishes

Especially noteworthy are the unique beverages such as cocktails. The Foundation, with coconut and orange flavors, or The Ladder, with the taste of gin and orange, bring freshness to the meal. Green tea is also transformed into a new experience, with its natural and delightful flavor.

Pairing these with desserts like Chocolate and Ice Cream will create a perfect ending to your meal.

the apparatus room menu
Specially crafted cocktails

Luxurious and Captivating Space

The Apparatus Room’s space is a blend of luxury, modernity, and history. The restaurant is located in the Detroit Foundation Hotel, a historic building that used to be the Detroit Fire Department headquarters. Designed in an industrial style, the restaurant features details such as pipes, pendant lights, and tiled walls. There is a central circular bar where you can observe expertly crafted cocktails by skilled bartenders. The restaurant has well-spaced dining tables and comfortable leather chairs. The ambiance is warm, friendly, and lively, complemented by gentle background music, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for customers.

If you’re looking for a warm, inviting, and visually stunning space, The Apparatus Room is the perfect choice. Large windows provide natural light, adding a sense of grandeur to the restaurant’s unique interior.

the apparatus room menu
Luxurious ambiance

Attentive Service

The staff at The Apparatus Room are not only friendly but also enthusiastic and professional. Positive comments about the attentiveness and assistance of the staff add a special touch to the overall customer experience.

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