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Mary’s Kitchen Menu With Prices, Reviews – The Best Pasta And Desserts In Dallas

An American restaurant with amazing delicious food, it is one of the few budget-friendly restaurants highly rated by discerning diners. That’s Mary’s Kitchen. The best restaurant in Dallas. Let’s explore Mary’s Kitchen menu with prices and some reviews related to this restaurant with Menu Price Today!

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Mary’s Kitchen Menu with Prices

Mary’s Kitchen is a restaurant that offers a unique combination of Eastern and Western cuisine. There are many diverse and rich dishes, from salads, potatoes, noodles, to chicken, shrimp, salmon, … They are all prepared with special recipes, only available at the restaurant. In addition, the restaurant also has many delicious desserts, such as pudding, 7 up cake, butter pecan cake, German chocolate cake, … Mary’s Kitchen is truly a restaurant that you cannot miss if you want to try new and attractive dishes.

Below is the information of Mary’s Kitchen menu with prices. However, it may not be accurate at some times, so to update the information of Mary’s Kitchen menu, you should visit the official information pages to know exactly!


Figure watcher …. Chef Salad $15.60
The handler …loaded fries $16.90
The east cost $15.60
Twisted pack $16.60
Twisted noddle …pasta $15.60
Show-stopper … Loaded Potato Skinless potato topped with your choice of protein & sauce w/mozzarella cheese $14.60
Twisted tenders 4pc fried chicken tender basket W /fries & can drink Bread ,pickles & peppers $14.60
Smash bowl Had pasta /half potato W salmon and shrimp W/Mardi Gras sauce $27.50
Chicken Mardi Gras pasta $14.50
Chicken and shrimp pasta Over Alfredo or Mardi Gras please add in notes if not notated we will pick for you $18.50
Cajun shrimp pasta With Alfredo sauce $16.50
Twisted munchie box Philly cheesesteak W/chicken tenders & bacon cheese fries Grilled onion /bell peppers/mushrooms $23.00
Smash box Half pasta / half potatoe W/ blackened salmon & shrimp w/MK sauce $28.50


Five flavor kool aide with pineapple drink 20oz drink with pineapple chunks $3.00



Cookie pudding Banana -less Cookie pudding $4.00
7 up cake Slice cake $4.00
Butter pecan cake $4.00
German chocolate Slice of cake $4.00


Mary’s Kitchen Location, Near Me

Mary’s Kitchen is located at 1223 E .Redbird ln, Dallas, TX, United States, Texas.

Mary’s Kitchen Phone Number, Hours

Opening hours at Mary’s Kitchen:

  • Tue – Sat: 12:00am – 10:00pm

Other contact information:

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Mary’s Kitchen Reviews

If you are looking for a cozy dining spot in Dallas, Mary’s Kitchen is definitely a must-visit. With its exquisite flavors and dedicated service, this restaurant has garnered much attention from the online community and local customers. It is truly a perfect destination offering delightful shrimp and steak dishes with outstanding sauces. Moreover, it is renowned for its finest German chocolate delicacies.

This place is renowned for its special preparation of delectable seafood and exceptional steak dishes, unique to this restaurant. The perfect combination of fresh and flavorful shrimp, savory steak, and tender pasta creates a rich seafood flavor experience that is both satisfying and delicious. The generous portions, rich cheese, and flavorful sauces will leave you thoroughly pleased with the food here.

Don’t miss out on the Mardi Gras sauce-infused Chicken and Shrimp Pasta if you enjoy the distinctive flavor of Mardi Gras sauce. I’ve heard that it’s a blend of Italian pasta and Indian cooking style. I’m not sure if that’s accurate, but I can assure you that this dish will deliver a spicy and flavorful experience. The combination of chicken, shrimp, and the distinctive Mardi Gras sauce offers a diverse and rich culinary experience.

mary's kitchen menu
Flavorful and saucy dishes

For those who love indulgent flavors, the Cajun Shrimp Pasta is worth trying. It is a dish consisting of Italian pasta cooked with shrimp, cream, butter, garlic, and Alfredo sauce. This dish is a fusion of Italian pasta and Cajun cooking style, delivering a rich and aromatic taste.

Additionally, the Grilled Ribs with French Fries and Onion Sauce is also highly recommended. The perfectly cooked ribs, combined with the sweet taste of the onion sauce and the crispy texture of the French fries, create a flavorful and appealing dish.

mary's kitchen menu
Impressive ribs and french fries

The seafood has its unique sweetness, combined with a spicy sauce and the additional creamy aroma of cheese, making it truly impressive.

One of the famous dishes here is the German-style chocolate cake. The cake is carefully prepared, with a soft and smooth interior, rich in chocolate flavor. Combined with the layer of frosting on top, it enhances the delicious taste of the cake. It is truly delicious.

mary's kitchen menu
German chocolate Slice of cake

The buttered peach cake is also a masterpiece dessert here. With the delicious taste of fresh peaches and the rich, creamy butter spread, each slice of peach cake at Mary’s Kitchen brings a truly delightful and mouthwatering experience.

The dishes at Mary’s Kitchen not only meet expectations but also exceed them with unique flavors and excellent quality. The staff here are cheerful, enthusiastic, and friendly. The cozy ambiance and friendly customer service at Mary’s Kitchen create an interesting and comfortable space for you to enjoy your meal. Although you may have to wait a little for your food, the attentive care from the staff will leave you feeling satisfied and content

mary's kitchen menu
Delicious seafood dishes

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