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[UPDATE] Abaita Menu With Prices, Reviews – Italian Culinary Elegance From The Hands Of The Jewish

If you’re looking for an upscale, romantic Italian restaurant, you definitely can’t miss Abaita. This is a special Italian restaurant where the dishes are standardized by the special rules of the Jewish people. How do familiar Italian dishes turn out under these rules and the culinary skills of these chefs? Let’s explore Abaita menu with prices along with some related reviews from Menu Prices Today!

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Abaita Menu with Prices

Abaita is a Jewish-style restaurant, meaning they do not consume or use products from pork, some types of seafood, or any non-Kosher certified items. Therefore, dishes made from pork, some types of seafood, etc., are not included in the menu. The Abaita restaurant menu features traditional Italian dishes prepared from fresh and high-quality ingredients. Specializing in wood-fired pizzas, the restaurant offers a variety of toppings, from classic mozzarella to smoked beef. In addition to pizza, the restaurant also offers classic pasta dishes such as spaghetti carbonara, lasagna bolognese, and gnocchi al pesto.

Guests can indulge in appetizers such as salads, garlic bread, and cheesy baked bread. The dessert menu includes delectable options like tiramisu, gelato, and cheesecake. Notably, the beverage and wine menu is diverse and exceptional.

Below is the Abaita menu with prices. However, please note that this information may not be comprehensive and accurate at all times. Therefore, for the most up-to-date information on the Abaita menu, it is recommended to visit the official channels of the restaurant for the latest updates.


OLIVE OIL FOCACCIA labaneh | peperonatta $18
MIX TUNISIAN OLIVES labneh | anchovies | garlic confit $14
SPANISH SAFFRON ARANCINI tomato marmalade | parmigiano $18
CASTELFRANCO SALAD tardivo | endives | basil | lemon-honey vinaigrette $19
HEIRLOOM TOMATO SALAD cucumber | Bethel creamery yogurt | pickled red onion | fresh parsley $19
WOOD ROASTED BEETS fresh sugar plums | fresh mint | fig marmalade $18
COD CROQUETTES pickled cabbage | cumin aioli $22
TORTELLINI roasted king trumpet mushroom | spinach | asiago | light broth $26
BIGEYE TUNA TARTARE pickled vegetables | cucumber shaves | soy sauce $26


KAMPACHI CRUDO japanese kampachi | dikon | kolarabi | chili pepper lime juice





CREAM OF SUNCHOKE basil oil | parmigiana rind broth $14



Served with calabrian chili

MARGHERITA fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, basil $19
CLASSIC MARINARA crushed green olives | anchovies | garlic | oregano oil $22
MUSHROOM wild mushroom conservative | tomato sauce | fresh mozzarella | parmigiano $26
ARTICHOKE roman-style artichoke | bechamel | fresh mozzarella | parmigiano $27
PICCANTE shishito peppers | dressed kale | walnut | pecorino | calabrian chili oil | parmigiano $25
SPINACH creamed spinach | black pepper pecorino | black garlic confit $26
TAKE HOME DIY PIZZA KIT 280gr pizza dough for a 12″ pizza | tomato sauce | mozarella | basil $12


SPAGHETTI slow-cooked tomatoes | charred baby onion | basil | parmigiano $22
BLACK FETTUCCINE roasted wood ear mushroom | baby spinach | summer black truffle | parmigiano $32
MAFALDINE cherry tomato confit | calabrian chili | parmigiano $27
WOOD BURNING OVEN-FIRED LASAGNA slow cooked tomato sauce | béchamel | parmigiano $27
TAJARIN chanterelle mushroom | truffle butter | baby kale | parmigiano $34
HOME-MADE GNOCCHI manchego cheese fonduta | brown butter | sage | parmigiano $28
RIGATONI SAFFRON CACIO E PEPPE black pepper pecorino cheese | parmigiano | cracked black pepper $28


WOOD BURNING OVEN-ROASTED SALMON celery root puree | baby bok choy | parsley oil $39
OVEN-ROASTED WILD HALIBUT eggplant scapece | broccolini | pesto oil $40
WHOLE SEA BREAM baby kale | pickled spring onion $38
YELLOWFIN TUNA SCHNITZEL warm potato salad | cumin | butter lettuce | radishes $39


LEMON CURD citrus marmalade | brown sugar crumbles $12
ABAITA APPLE CAKE honey syrup | creme fraiche $12
CHOCOLATE BUDINO honey comb | caramel | whipped cream $14
BURNED CHEESECAKE apricot syrup | rosemary syrup $14


GINGER BEER fever tree, non-alcoholic $6


DECAF BREAKFAST Rich, raisiny, deep ceylon $5
JASMINE GREEN Rare Chung hap tea, scented with jasmine flowers $5
CHERRY BLOSSOM Tart cherries, flowers, organic green tea $5
BLUEBERRY MERLOT Herbal blend with sweet berries and savory sage $5
GINGER LEMONGRASS Citrus notes balanced by cool spearmint and mellow licorice $5
BOMBAY CHAI A traditional blend of warming spices for a timeless ritual $5


RIESLING Koenig, 2018, France $14 $54
SAUVIGNON BLANC Goose Bay, 2021, New Zealand $16 $62
CHARDONNAY Teperberg, 2021, Israel $14 $54


SYRAH + CABERNET BLEND Alfa Jezreel Boutique Winery, 2020, Israel $16 $60
MALBEC Sforno, 2020, Argentina $12 $42
ROSSO DI MONTEPULCIANO Bartenura, 2019, Italy $14 $54
CABERNET SAUVIGNON GALILEE Tabor Galilee, 2016, Israel $17 $72
RAMON CARDOVA RIOJA Tempranillo, 2019, Spain $15 $58


SYRAH & GRENACHE Château Roubine, 2020, France $15 $61
ROSE Pacifica, 2020, Columbia George $16 $59


PROSECCO Spumante, Bartenura, Italy $12 $48
CHAMPAGNE Blanc de Blancs, Herzog Selection, France $13 $52


CABERNET Jeunesse, Baron Herzog, 2021, California $12 $42
MUSCATO Bartenura, 2021, Italy $13 $63
WHITE LAMBRUSCO Joyvin, Italy $12 $46

Abaita Locations, Near Me

Abaita is located at 145 E 49th Street, New York, NY, United States, New York

Abaita Hours, Phone Number

Opening hours at Abaita:

  • Sunday – Thursday 12pm – 9pm
  • Fridays 11:45am – 2pm
  • Saturday Nights are open during the winter season.

Other contact information:

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Abaita Reviews

If you’re planning a visit to the General Electric Building, don’t forget to add Abaita to your list of culinary destinations. Abaita is an Italian Kosher restaurant located right next to your favorite spot. Here, you’ll experience a harmonious blend of Mediterranean cuisine and Kosher standards, offering delicious and unique dishes.

abaita menu
Specialty wood-fired pizzas are a standout

Abaita stands out as a unique Kosher restaurant, adhering to the dietary rules of the Jewish faith. Founded by Chef David Benrey, whose passion lies in Italian cuisine, especially pizza, the restaurant specializes in wood-fired pizzas with various toppings, from fresh mozzarella to smoked beef. Try the handcrafted Margherita pizza, uniquely baked and perfected in the wood-fired oven. The pizza features a soft, crispy crust, topped with fresh mozzarella and a rich tomato sauce, creating a traditional Italian flavor profile.

abaita menu
They offer everything from classic to creatively modern pizzas

Beyond pizza, the restaurant offers classic pasta dishes such as spaghetti carbonara, lasagna bolognese, and gnocchi al pesto. The rigatoni pasta, served with a unique Cacio e Pepe sauce, blends seamlessly with the robust taste of Pecorino Romano cheese. Each piece of pasta undergoes careful preparation to maintain its al dente texture and rich flavor.

abaita menu
The seafood dishes are delightful

Indulge in appetizers like salads, garlic bread, and cheese bread. The dessert menu features delights like tiramisu, gelato, and cheesecake. The delectable apple pie paired with a glass of iced tea is also worth trying. The sweet, fragrant taste of the apple pie combined with the refreshing chill of the tea creates a perfect combination.

Abaita’s ambiance is cozy, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing, designed in an Italian style with cream-colored walls, sparkling chandeliers, artistic paintings, and culturally inspired decor. The restaurant offers various seating areas, from window-side tables and comfortable sofa corners to private dining tables for small gatherings. There’s also a spacious bar area where you can enjoy fantastic drinks. The atmosphere is sophisticated, gentle, and friendly, complemented by soft background music and delightful aromas from the kitchen. Additionally, the restaurant provides a romantic and beautiful outdoor dining space.

abaita menu
They have a romantic outdoor space

Abaita is an excellent choice for those who love pizza, high-quality kosher cuisine, and a comfortable atmosphere. Whether it’s a bustling lunch or an elegant dinner, this restaurant is always a worthwhile choice. Positive reviews from customers highlight the excellent atmosphere, impeccable service, and delicious food, making Abaita one of the top kosher restaurants in the United States.

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