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[UPDATE] Hot Tails Menu With Prices, Reviews – Unique Cajun And Creole Cuisine In LA

When it comes to the Southern United States, we cannot overlook the unique and vibrant flavors of Cajun and Creole cuisine. In the culinary world of Louisiana, Hot Tails is an address that cannot be ignored. Join Menu Price Today in exploring the Hot Tails menu with prices and some related reviews about this restaurant

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Hot Tails Menu with Prices

Hot Tails is a restaurant specializing in Cajun and Creole cuisine with a touch of modern innovation. The menu at Hot Tails is diverse and extensive, featuring a variety of enticing dishes such as spicy shrimp, crawfish, alligator, oysters, po’boys, noodles, salads, and many more. The restaurant captures the distinctive flavors of the American South.

Below is the Hot Tails menu with prices. However, please note that this information may not be comprehensive and accurate at all times. Due to having multiple branches, Hot Tails may have different menus at each location. Therefore, for the most up-to-date information on the Hot Tails menu, it is recommended to visit the official channels of the restaurant for the latest updates.


SHRIMP PLATTER Fried Shrimp with steak tries & shut-up dawgs $21.99
THIN-CUT FRIED FISH PLATTER  Fried Fish with steak fries & shut-up dawgs $17.99
 JUICY JUMPERS Fried Froglegs with steak fries & shut-up dawgs $17.99
FRIED CRAWFISH PLATTER Fried Crawfish with steak fries & shut-up dawgs $21.99
 OYSTER PLATTER Flash Fried Oysters with steak fries & shut-up dawgs $23.99
GEAUX FOR 2 Choose 2 fish, shrimp, crawfish, oysters jumpers $22.99
SWAMP PLATTER  Crawfish, alligator, thin-cut fish, frog legs, crawfish etouffee $35.99
GULF PLATTER Shrimp, oysters, thin-cut fish, soft shell crab & seafood gumbo $37.99
FRIED PORKCHOP & RED BEANS  Southern fried porkchop with red beans & rice $15.99


SEAFOOD MUFFULETTA HALF Sauteed crawfish, shrimp, onions & mushrooms with melted provolone cheese & pickled peppers FISH ACADIE $20.99 Blackened fish fillet with crawfish etouffee $13.99
& pickled peppers $22.99
SHRIMP & VEGGIES Grilled tail-on shrimp with sauteed veggies $17.99


BREAD PUDDING $6.99 with sassy sauce


SHOTGUN SHRIMP WRAP Fried shrimp, dressed with tomato, house peppers, coleslaw, shotgun sauce $12.99
CHICKEN BALSAMIC WRAP Grilled chicken with balsamic pepperjelly, provolone, bacon dressed with lettuce, tomato $12.99
GRILLED VEGGIE WRAP Grilled veggies with lettuce, tomato, and spillway $11.99
CRAB CAKE CROISSANT Fried crab cake, pepper jack cheese, spillway sauce on a toasted croissant $11.99
COACH RUIZ Grilled chicken dressed with bacon, lettuce, tomato & honey mustard on a croissant $13.99
PORK CHOP SANDWICH Dressed lettuce, tomato, pickle, with spillway $12.00
 FRIED FISH SANGWICH Deuce sauce, coleslaw, onion, White cheddar, pickles. It’s a ‘sangwich” $12.99



All served with fries and dressed with lettuce, tomato, pickle and spillway sauce

SHRIMP Whole $13.99/Half $9.99
FISH Whole $11.99/Half $8.99
CRAWFISH Whole $20.99/Half $13.99
OYSTER  Whole $20.99 /Half $13.99
GATOR Whole $16.99/Half $8.99


OKRA $4.50
FRIES $3.50


CRAWFISH CROQUETTES with pepperjelly $0.99
CERTIFRIED ONION RINGS Deep-fried to perfection $7.99
 SOUTHERN SHROOMS Fried mushrooms with spilway $7.99
SHUT-UP DAWGS Our hushpuppies with tartar sauce $3.99
FRIED PICKLES Fried & served with spillway sauce $6.99
 FRIED OKRA Served with spillway sauce $6.99
 SHOTGUN SHRIMP Fried shrimp tossed in our shotgun sauce $10.99


GATOR Fried or blackened $13.99
CRAWFISH BREAD French bread filled with spin dip and topped with fried crawfish tails $15.99
 ETOUFFEE FRIES Steak fries topped with crawfish etouffee $13.99
 LOADED FRIES Steak fries topped with cheese, bacon, house- made pickled peppers, spillway sauce and ranch $12.99




All served with fries $5.99

Fried Fish

Fried Shrimp

Fried Chicken Tenders

Grilled Cheese



SEAFOOD GUMBO Cup $7.50 or bowl $14.50
CRAWFISH ETOUFFEE Cup $10.50 or bowl $19.50
WEDGE N TAILS Fried crawfish tails, bacon, tomato, gorgonzola and ranch $15.99
BLACKENED SHRIMP SALAD Blackened shrimp, fomato, house-pickled peppers, parmesan cheese, and spillway $15.99
FRIED OYSTER SENSATION Fried oysters with our house made sensation dressing $18.99
CHICKEN BALSAMIC PEPPERJELLY rilled chicken, parmesan cheese, tomato and balsamic pepperjelly vinaigrette $14.99


All burgers served with fries

THE SWAMPTHING Half-pound burger with shredded white cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle & spillway sauce $12.99
BLACKENZOLA Half-pound blackened burger with bacon, house-picked peppers, lettuce, tomato, pickle, gorganzola, grilled onions & spillway sauce $14.99
CAJUN CRAWFISH Half-pound burger topped with sauteed crawfish, onions, mushroom, and melted pepper jack cheese dressed with lettuce, tomato, pickles and spillway sauce $14.99
COUYON MELT Half-pound burger topped with shrimp, onions, mushroom & provolone cheese with tangy horseradish sauce, spillway on texas toast $14.99
OYSTER ROCKEFELLER Half-pound burger topped with spin dip, flash fried oysters, dressed with lettuce, tomato, pickle and spillway sauce $15.99

Hot Tails Location, Near Me

Hot Tails has three branches, all located in the state of Louisiana. Below is detailed information about each Hot Tails location:

  • 17097 Airline HWY Suite 211 Prairieville, LA 70769
  • 1113 Hospital Rd, New Roads, LA 70760
  • 4696 Zachary-Slaughter Hwy, Zachary, LA 70791

Hot Tails Hours, Phone Number

Opening hours at Hot Tails Prairieville:

  • Monday – Saturday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Opening hours at Hot Tails New Roads (closed)

Opening hours at Hot Tails Zachary:

  • Monday – Saturday:11:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Phone number: Hot Tails Prairieville (225) 638-4676, Hot Tails Zachary (225) 399-2729

Other contact information:

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Hot Tails Reviews

Hot Tails is a charming small restaurant located in Zachary, offering a unique culinary experience with a delicate blend of Cajun and Creole cuisine, along with a touch of innovation.

Have you ever tried Cajun and Creole cuisine? These are two distinctive culinary styles from the Southern United States, influenced by French, Spanish, African, Indian, and indigenous cultures. While Cajun and Creole cuisines share some ingredients and spices, they differ in cooking methods and history. Cajun cuisine is associated with French immigrants who migrated from Canada to Louisiana in the 18th century, while Creole cuisine is linked to the affluent population of New Orleans, blending various cultural influences. Both Cajun and Creole cuisines are renowned for their bold, spicy, and diverse flavors.

If you’re looking for a unique and flavorful culinary experience, Hot Tails is a must-visit. This renowned restaurant in Louisiana, USA, with locations in New Roads, Prairieville, and Zachary, specializes in Extreme South Louisiana Cuisine, combining traditional Cajun and Creole cuisine with a touch of modern creativity. Hot Tails’ menu is diverse and extensive, featuring enticing dishes such as spicy shrimp, crawfish, alligator, snails, sandwiches, noodles, salads, and many more. You can view the detailed menu for each location on their website or other online platforms. Online ordering and catering services for private events are also available. Now, let’s explore some standout dishes from Hot Tails!

Spicy Shrimp: This dish is a Cajun culinary classic, featuring shrimp boiled in spicy seasoned water. The vibrant red color, firm texture, and sweet taste of the shrimp are complemented by the bold spices. The heat from the spices stimulates the palate, creating a warm and spicy sensation. Served with bread or mashed potatoes, it provides a perfect balance to the spiciness. Hot Tails has a unique approach by not cleaning the shrimp before boiling, leaving the shells and heads intact to preserve the natural flavor and moisture. Peeling and enjoying the shrimp by hand is part of the unique culinary experience.

hot tails menu
Spicy Shrimp

Crawfish: A popular dish in Louisiana, crawfish are simmered in seasoned boiling water with vegetables. Crawfish have thin, easy-to-peel shells, white meat, and a sweet taste. The sweetness of the crawfish meat is enhanced by the rich flavors of spices and vegetables. This dish can be served with garlic butter or spicy sauce, adding an enticing and diverse flavor to the palate. Traditional enjoyment of crawfish involves sucking the liquid from the crawfish head, known as ‘sucking the head,’ to savor all the flavors.

hot tails menu
Savory seafood sandwiches are absolutely delicious

Soft Shell Crab Po’boy: The perfect combination of crab and bread in a soft shell crab po’boy. The crab’s soft shell is specially prepared with flavorful Spillway sauce, sandwiched in a crispy baguette. Each bite is an adventure of unique and exciting flavors.

hot tails menu
Soft Shell Crab Po’boy

Seafood Gumbo: A fantastic choice for a mixed seafood gumbo. When fish, shrimp, and crab come together in a gumbo bowl, it creates a delightful culinary experience.

The ambiance at Hot Tails is cozy and inviting, with interior design reflecting a rustic style. The walls are tiled and adorned with signs and pictures showcasing Louisiana’s food and culture. Wooden chairs and tables create a familiar and comfortable atmosphere. The restaurant offers various seating areas, from indoor to outdoor spaces, catering to different preferences. Multiple TV screens are available for customers to enjoy entertainment or sports. Hot Tails is an ideal place to savor South Louisiana cuisine in a cheerful and friendly environment.

hot tails menu
he space is simple

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